Saturday, June 20, 2009

Me thinks thou dost.. pt 2

I would NEVER allow my self to be cured by anything less than a 100% Long Fibered Cotton, Pre-washed and Pre-shrunk, 600 gr/m2

Overseer & Prophetess Mckinney casting out the homosexual spirit

Casting out the Homosexual spirit continued

Thanks to Steve M in NZ for this who wisely says "And they say homosexuality can't be cured... "

But I would NEVER allow my self to be cured by anything less than a 100% Long Fibered Cotton, Pre-washed and Pre-shrunk, 600 gr/m2, preferably Egyptian cotton.

Bil Browning sent a message to the members of The Bilerico Project.

Subject: Shock & Awe in the LGBT Blogosphere

This week was absolutely full of LGBT news that reminds you of the war in Iraq. From the shock of Indiana Equality opposing ENDA and calling it "segregation" to the awe of Obama's domestic partnership memo, it seemed like we were being led into something shady by our leaders, eh? Here's the best posts from this week:

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End This Sneaky Way To Rig Elections
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A Grand day out - At the Sacramento Pride Festival

My son Spencer is the greatest, M is in Brasil and so he joined me at the 2009 Sacramento Pride Festival. It is amazing, 20 years ago I remember being nervous bout attending a tiny little get to gether inthe park. We aren't 3.5 million, but by golly we were a couple of thousand! Viva!

The shots here are of the parade before we went into the Festival grounds... enjoy!