Friday, July 17, 2009

Weekly Bilerico Reader

Subject: Weekly Bilerico Reader

When I crossposted the video of Michael's Steele's "fried chicken and potato salad" quip on Huff Po this week, the nation went nuts. The post's popularity led to double our normal traffic on Bilerico Project and we ended the week with another high note - word that Michael Savage's wife quit working for him over her gay-positive stance with Rockstar Energy Drink! Check out the best of this week's Bilerico sites:

Bilerico Nation
Where's My Gay Tennis Player?
Filed by: Sean Bugg (Bilerico-DC);

"Well I'll be damned"
Filed by: Nadine Smith (Bilerico-Florida);

Young Republicans elect racist middle-aged woman President
Filed by: Bil Browning (Bilerico-Indiana);

Lifting the Veil off Mental Health: Life with a Bipolar Partner
Filed by: David Castillo;

Fig Trees, Transliminal Criminals, and Other Plural Nouns: Dispatch from Outfest 2009
Filed by: Jessica Hoffmann;

Where is the Senate on ENDA?
Filed by: Dr. Jillian T. Weiss;

Judge Sotomayor for the Supreme Court
Filed by: Kate Kendell;

A straight contributor to TBP?
Filed by: Bil Browning;

Gay Republican cat-fight!
Filed by: Alex Blaze;

Florida Judge Who Struck Down Gay Adoption Ban Demoted
Filed by: Waymon Hudson;

The Politics of Comedy: What's Off Limits?; Plus, "The Goods" Wants You to Laugh at a Hate Crime
Filed by: Prince Gomolvilas;

First the Abortionists, Then the "Homosexuals": TheCall Declares War
Filed by: Patricia Nell Warren;

Where To Find Sex And Love
Filed by: Father Tony;

Rockstar Energy Drink CFO breaks ties with Savage Productions
Filed by: Bil Browning;

The F-22 v. The Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Bill
Filed by: John Shields;

Steele: I'll Woo Blacks To GOP With "Fried Chicken And Potato Salad"
Filed by: Bil Browning;