Friday, August 7, 2009

New Bedfellows

Old Politics, New Bedfellows: The Olson/Boies Challenge to Prop 8
Jesse Lava

When two attorneys from opposing sides of the political spectrum argue that some issues transcend the differences between liberals and conservatives we must remember that, as nice as it sounds, none of us can afford the luxury of imagining ourselves above the political fray. Full article

Marriage Equality USA Wants You to Weigh In Today...

David Janis-Kitzmiller sent a message to the members of Marriage Equality USA.

Subject: Marriage Equality USA Wants You to Weigh In Today...

The Courage Campaign has issued a call for organizations to partner in an effort to finalize the wording for a 2010 ballot initiative to restore marriage equality using the most effective messaging for moving conflicted voters in support of marriage equality. Marriage Equality USA would like to be a part of any collaboration moving ahead and today, we want to see what our collective organizational interest is in participating in this venture.

In May, Marriage Equality USA polled our members and 64% expressed a desire to go back to the ballot box in 2010, 23% said 2012 and the remainder were undecided. Marriage Equality USA has also just finished organizing over 40 Get Engaged Tour events across California and feedback indicated passion on both sides of the timing debate, but no clear consensus on when to move ahead. What did come across loud and clear is that our community wants our movement to come together and collectively plan how we can WIN a marr! iage equality campaign in the future.

As demonstrated advocates for the grassroots community, Marriage Equality USA would like to ensure your voices are heard as we move ahead in the next campaign. Whatever you donate today through August 13th will be targeted and offered in support of this collaborative effort.

No matter when we collectively decide to go back to the ballot box, Marriage Equality USA is committed to empowering our local communities to be active partners in the next campaign. We invite you to continue to engage and reach out to fair-minded Californians by getting involved with your local chapter's ongoing efforts to change hearts and minds by organizing canvassing, tabling, public speaking, and other public education efforts. Together we CAN. Weigh in today in support of the 2010 effort by making a targeted donation today.

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