Sunday, August 16, 2009

National Kiss-in (play it loud!)

A random list of things that I enjoy

OK, yesterday in a cranky, pique, I cross-posted a list of things that really piss me off... I thought it might be healthier of me to share a list of things that I truly enjoy, that make me happy and help be forget the things that really piss me off:

My son Spencer, who is more important than air to me; my husband and best friend Milton, who is my rock; my maid of honor Jeri, who is as honest and sweet as anyone I know; the trees in my yard that I planted; riding my bike; chimarrão ; blogging; UFOP; walking anywhere, but especially in Ouro Preto, or in Rio along Copacabana with friends; the way the people in the Brazilian Consulate treat people; the way the delta breeze pushes out the heat after three or four days of apocalyptic heat; Bill Moyers; pancadas; sitting on the right hand side of the plane when you fly from San Jose, Costa Rica to Guatemala City; taking pictures; good service by a bureaucrat; Kathmandu and the Himalayas; my first classroom, not the kids tho; Mt. Shasta; San Francisco; Sequoia Sempervirens; gardening; the Empire State Building; the way Jon & I call each other on the phone just to talk; KCRW, especially on Saturday nights; Yosemite; the ocean, most anywhere; Highway 97 between Mt. Shasta and Klamath Falls; good art; good music; learning to be a little bit bitter; good food; good conversation; seeing the light in the eyes of a child when you show them something they never knew; Brazilian Portuguese; my iPod; people with open minds; Clo's house; my first car, a red '68 VW Bug; PUCC, 1998; Hina's; Araucaria Brasiliensis, or Angustifolia; All Things Considered; the call of a Vem-ti-Vi; the high road to Taos; Hong Kong; being a Dad; laptop computers; coming home to your own bed after a great adventure abroad; leaving for a new adventure; Brazilian music; Haifa; getting married to Milton, registering at the County Offices; Brazilian people; a good pair of shoes; Levis; when someone says thank you, and means it; my students, well most of them; being a friend; um chopes e dois pastel; saying no; saying yes; dinner at Ubiratan D'Ambrosio's home; Butch & Nellie's, midday; UNM: Milton's crazy family; the way I can get to almost anywhere in Brasil without a guide book; my men's yoga group; HGTV; coffee; a good joke; São Paulo at night from the air, especially on Xmas Eve; The News Hour on PBS; Amparo; Northern New Mexico; São Paulo, especially Avenida Paulista;The UTNE Reader; wifi; my current car, a Ford Escape Hybrid; Spring in California; mathematics, especially ethnomathematics and algebra; the labyrinth at Grace Cathedral; the internet; the color of green on the new growth of a Redwood tree; the first really good rain of the year in California; rhubarb; a dinner with good friends; being treated fairly; a good glass of red wine shared with a friend; as Cataratas do Iguaçu; traveling in Brasil in 1998; the No on 8 marches at the California State Capitol; DWELL; a good sound system; the first view of Ouro Preto when you arrive from BH; Italian coffee, in Italy; Highwy 1; cactus flowers...