Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Harvey Milk Inducted Into CA Hall Of Fame

Today the Governator inducted Harvey Milk and ten others into the California Hall of Fame. In other news, there is a California Hall of Fame.
The 2009 California Hall of Fame inductees are: entertainer Carol Burnett, former Intel CEO Andrew Grove, governor and U.S. senator Hiram Johnson, decathlete and philanthropist Rafer Johnson, industrialist Henry J. Kaiser, philanthropist and peace activist Joan Kroc, film-maker George Lucas, football commentator John Madden, gay rights advocate Harvey Milk, artist Fritz Scholder, author Danielle Steel, fitness and bodybuilding pioneer Joe Weider, and Air Force test pilot General Chuck Yeager. The 2009 inductees join 38 California Hall of Fame inductees who have made great achievements in science, philanthropy, sports, business, entertainment, literature, fitness, technology, activism and politics. The California Hall of Fame highlights the broad range of California interests by honoring trailblazers who have not broken barriers in just one field or talent, but have impacted the world with their overall courage, determination and creativity.
The Hall of Fame is a project of the California Museum.

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Health Care Debate: Iinclude the choice of a Public Option

A whopping 76% of voters want health insurance reform to include the choice of a Public Option. In the words of President Obama, the choice of a Public Option will, "keep the insurance companies honest."

So the insurance companies and right wing are fighting tooth and nail to get Democrats to cave on the public option and vote for fake reform like a "trigger" or co-opts. We can't let Democrats capitulate, we need to support Democrats only passing a bill with a strong public option.


That is why bloggers like FireDogLake have joined forces with Credo Action and Democracy for America to pass Public Option Resolutions at local political groups across the country.

Please join us and forward this email to your friends, chances are they are part of the 76% of Americans who want Democrats to be resolved for a Public Option.