Saturday, October 24, 2009

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Starbucks Says Approve Ref. 71

Jim Burroway

October 24th, 2009

StarbucksThis comes to us via SLOG:

In a statement, the company said that approving R-71 “ensures that basic benefits and important protections are not taken away from committed couples, so they are able to take care of each other, especially in times of crisis.” Starbucks wants voters to approve the measure “because it is aligned with our business practices, providing domestic partner benefits, and one of our core values of treating people with respect and dignity.” [emphasis in SLOG's post]

Starbucks hasn’t contributed to the campaign, but they did send this message out to their employees. Starbucks has 3,000 employees in its Seattle headquarters and maintains 667 stores in Washington state, and each of them got this statement. That’s quite a venti.

Starbucks’ endorsement follows similar appeals from Microsoft, Boeing, Nike, and many other companies that employ large numbers of people in the Pacific Northwest.

With all the attention being paid to Maine, Washington’s LGBT citizens are feeling ignored. Karen Ocamb says they’re sweating bullets because they may well lose their hard-won Domestic Partnerships. Please show them your love by donating to Approve Ref. 71 today.


Subject: Weekly Reader: LGBT politics, Rosie, & holding hands

The past week has been huge for forward progress in LGBT political news. Between the administration's clarified definition of "family," HHS's announcement of the creation of an LGBT senior resource center, HUD's new study on LGBT discrimination in housing, and the Senate's passage of hate crimes legislation, the fundies must be going apoplectic. We, however, kept delivering some of the best LGBT content on the web like these gems:

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Obama administration moves forward on LGBT rights via HUD & HHS
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Hate crimes passes Senate: Goes to President's desk
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