Saturday, October 31, 2009

Another great find from JMG

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Bil Browning sent a message to the members of The Bilerico Project.

Subject: Weekly Reader: Faggots, Child Witches, & Ryan White

I think this was one of Bilerico's best weeks ever. Not only did we have some highly popular emotional and entertainment posts this week, but our political coverage was spectacular. What other LGBT site covered the hate crimes bill signing - and gave you personal posts from contributors who attended? Combine that with our Ryan White Act reporting and a big dose of health care breaking news and you've got a recipe for Bilerico! Here are the posts you won't want to miss from the past week:

PS - Did you go vote for Bilerico Project as the best blog from Indiana? Help us win first place (We're in 10th currently! A bunch of corporate blogs are beating us!):;

TV ads aren't the answer in Maine
Filed by: Matt Foreman;

The Gay Hate Crimes Crisis Isn't Over Yet
Filed by: David Badash;

I have a problem with faggots
Filed by: Bil Browning;

War is anti-LGBTQ
Filed by: Alex Blaze;

Bend (Over) It Like Beckham
Filed by: Prince Gomolvilas;

Drag memorabilia: vintage Finocchio's postcard
Filed by: Gloria Brame Ph.D.;

WWJB: Where Would Jesus Bank? -or- Jesus Doesn't Bank Here Any More
Filed by: Bil Browning;

Child witches, demons, and LGBT youth
Filed by: Rev Irene Monroe;

The beginning of the end
Filed by: Cathy Renna;

LGBT History: A British Bisexual and American Religious Liberty
Filed by: Patricia Nell Warren;

When the Government does Right
Filed by: Rebecca Juro;

Dragon Age: Origins and Buttsex
Filed by: Jason Tseng;

Bilerico Nation
William & Mary Students Pick Transgender Homecoming Queen
Filed by: Michael Hamar (B-DC);

Sen Evan Bayh will oppose Republican filibuster
Filed by: Bil Browning (B-IN);

Help Us Stop Murder Music in Miami
Filed by: Nadine Smith (B-FL);

Obama Signs Matthew Shepard/James Byrd Hate Crimes Bill into Law
Filed by: Waymon Hudson;

Obama Signs Ryan White HIV/AIDS Treatment Extension Act and Announces End of HIV Travel Ban
Filed by: Waymon Hudson;

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