Sunday, November 8, 2009

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Interactive Map

Go the Wall Street Journal article for an interactive map displaying the status of legally recognized same-sex relationships in each state.

Sir Ian McKellen's Grudge with Leviticus

Sir Ian McKellen's Grudge with Leviticus

Ian McKellenHow's this for the premise of X-Men 4: Magneto decides that instead of seeking world domination, he's just going to wage battle against radical right-wing religious folks who use the Bible as a means of beating up on LGBT people.

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Sugar-Coated Homophobia

Sugar-Coated Homophobia

Pastor Joel Osteen is one of the most popular preachers in the country, and the author of several best-selling books that help people achieve "their best life now." Gay Rights blogger Michael Jones writes that while Pastor Osteen has made a name for himself selling a friendlier version of religion, there's still a sour dose of homophobia that lies at the core of his sugar-coated message. It reared its ugly head this week, when Pastor Osteen boldly claimed that "homosexuality is not God's best." On the contrary, we humbly suggest to Pastor Osteen that homophobic preachers are not likely to be a loving God's best. (Read more)

Bil Browning sent a message to the members of The Bilerico Project.

Weekly Reader: Gay Geeks, Election Night, & Equality March Controversy

Thanks to this week's election night open thread and our liveblog of the Senate ENDA hearing, this was the highest traffic week ever on Bilerico Project. While those two posts were two of our highlights this week, out of the many posts published this week, here are some of the best:

Guess Who Just Played the Gay Card?
Filed by: Adam Bink;

Apples and Androids [Gay Geeks]
Filed by: Nathan Strang;

Why gay marriage IS the End of the World (or the queer world, at least)
Filed by: Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore;

Lessons for the marginalized
Filed by: Amy Hunter;

Equality March Co-Directors Resign; Group Reorganizes Amid Controversy
Filed by: Bil Browning;

How Do You Just Watch a Rape?
Filed by: Terrance Heath;

The Day After a Hard Night
Filed by: Kate Kendell;

Update: Statement on Gender Identity Disorder and Transvestic Fetishism in the DSM-V
Filed by: Kelley Winters;

Speaker Pelosi (and all your Democratic friends): I'm not waiting anymore.
Filed by: Kip Williams;

Marriage after Maine
Filed by: Nan Hunter;

The Top 10 Best Ballot Questions Ever
Filed by: Alex Blaze;

WWJD? Incite Hate Crimes Against LGBT People, according to this "Pastor"
Filed by: Waymon Hudson;

Election Night Results Open Thread: Maine, WA State, Kalamazoo & Beyond
Filed by: Waymon Hudson;

Liveblogging the Senate ENDA Hearing
Filed by: Dr. Jillian Weiss;

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