Thursday, November 12, 2009

Catholic church trying to 'blackmail' D.C. in attempt to erode lgbt equality

After pouring a huge amount of money into defeating same-sex marriage in California and Maine, the Catholic church is now jumping into the D.C. argument with a little blackmail:

The Catholic Archdiocese of Washington said Wednesday that it will be unable to continue the social service programs it runs for the District if the city doesn't change a proposed same-sex marriage law, a threat that could affect tens of thousands of people the church helps with adoption, homelessness and health care.

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Gay Rights Go Global

Gay Rights Go Global

by: Peter Tatchell | GlobalPost

London - A new bill before the Ugandan parliament proposes the death penalty for “aggravated homosexuality” and “serial offenders.” A sentence of life imprisonment will be imposed for touching a person with homosexual intent. Membership in gay organizations, advocacy of gay human rights and the provision of condoms or safer sex advice to gay people will result in seven years jail for “promoting” homosexuality. Failing to report violators to the police within 24 hours would incur three years behind bars. The new legislation will also apply to Ugandans who commit these "crimes" while living abroad, in countries where such behavior is not a criminal offense.

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