Friday, December 25, 2009

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Hey, CNN: “Admit” You’re Gay Is Wrong

by David Badash on December 22, 2009 · Comments (12)

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Just a few days ago, we witnessed an “amazing” revelation: Former international rugby star Gareth Thomas said, “I’m gay.”

What’s also amazing is that so many mainstream, big media outlets did not say this:

“Gareth Thomas admits he is gay.”

Except CNN.

In, “Thomas relief after admitting he is gay,” CNN writes,

“Every gay man will tell you that ‘coming out’ is like a weight lifted from your shoulders and beng able to walk down the street knowing that there is nothing for me to hide has been a liberating experience, ” admitted Thomas…”

Because, really, why would anyone use the word “admit” when it comes to coming out? Being gay is not wrong. We “admit” to things we’ve done wrong.

We admit to lying. We admit to stealing. We admit to adultery.

We “come out,” we “acknowledge we’re gay,” we can even “reveal” we’re gay. But “admit?” Why would you “admit” to something that isn’t wrong?

Words matter.

It’s time for the media, especially the MSM, to get it straight: “admitting” you’re gay is like “admitting” you’re human.

Got it?

From The New Civil Rights Movement