Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Fabulous Guest Conductor

Bil Browning sent a message to the members of The Bilerico Project.

Subject: Weekly Reader: The Salvation Army, Katy Perry, & Lance Bass

It might have been a holiday week, but we kept plugging away to bring you the best content we could - including tons of holiday-themed posts! Check out some of these great posts from last week:

Disturbing: Pelosi & Reid burnt in effigy by schoolchildren
Filed by: Bil Browning;

The Last Minute Gay Geeks Gift Guide
Filed by: Nathan Strang;

The year Lance Bass saved Christmas
Filed by: Joe Mirabella;

Surprise -- Roses at Christmas
Filed by: Patricia Nell Warren;

Katy Perry offends LGBT people in a bout of twitterrhea
Filed by: Jerame Davis;

8 Tips for LGBT People to Lower Holiday Stress
Filed by: D Gregory Smith;

How Newsweek Got It Wrong On Gay Rights
Filed by: Dr. Jillian T. Weiss;

Just say no to the Salvation Army's red bucket
Filed by: Alex Blaze;

My Marriage is a Stone
Filed by: Father Tony;

Christmas Eve in the Tenderloin
Filed by: Guest Blogger Jerry Weiss;

Merry Christmas!
Filed by: Bil Browning;

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