Sunday, December 12, 2010

via jmg: Naples News Columnist Pamela Grothaus: "I'm Going For JMG Bigot Of The Year"

Last week we crowned Naples News columnist Pamela Grothaus our Bigot Of The Day for her shrill article complaining that "homosexuals inform me of their homosexuality within minutes of our introduction." Today Grothaus fires back in a new column that she's hoping to be named the JMG "Bigot Of The Year."
As a result of my last blog post against open homosexuality in the military, I was crowned “Bigot of the Day” on JoeMyGod—some twisted, homosexual Weblog I’d never heard of and hope to soon forget. (If you click on the above link, be warned: it’s X-rated.) Last I checked, JoeMyGod readers had left 132 comments spewing filth and hate speech at yours truly. And I’m the bigot?! How queer. [snip]

Incidentally, I am also intolerant of illegal immigrants, terrorist Muslims, militant blacks a la Reverend Wright, baby-killing abortionists, and socialists. I’m not too crazy about unions, feminists, or most politicians, either. Each of these groups — in addition to the homosexuals stated above — is in some way a threat to our nation and/or our morals. Perhaps they all have Web sites on which they’d like to plaster my photo as their particular Bigot of the Day. Bring it on! Maybe I’ll earn Bigot of the Year designation.
The inconsequential Ms. Grothaus wouldn't even make this year's Top 100, not by a long shot. But at least the word "bigot" is now the #1 Google result associated with her name. That's kinda fun.
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  1. Via JMG candideinnc:

    “Since this woman was kind enough to list those whom she detest, let me do the same: I am intolerant of bigots and all their subcategories (e.g. homophobes, racists, Christianists). I am intolerant of anti-feminist crackpots on the order of Phyllis Schafley. I am intolerant of greedy political know-nothings on the order of, basically, the entire Rethug party. Most especially, I detest people who pride themselves on their ignorance and ability to arouse hatred in others. For this, I must single out the utterly worthless and despicable Ms. Grothaus.