Sunday, January 17, 2010

from JMG: Friendly Voices - Margaret Hoover

"Some Republicans support gay rights, but prefer progress through legislative action or majority rule at the ballot box, rather than judicial action. But what if a democratic election imposes mandates that violate a citizen’s constitutional freedom? In the event that majority rule insufficiently protects individual liberty, our system of checks and balances puts forth that it is the role of the courts, to guarantee and protect the rights to individual Americans.

"That’s why the Supreme Court, in 1967 Loving v. Virginia, legalized interracial marriage –six years after our current president was born to an interracial couple. At that time 73% of the population opposed “miscegenation.” How long would it have taken to change popular opinion, for the minority to democratically win their constitutional rights? As Martin Luther King, Jr. famously asserted, “Justice delayed is justice denied.”

"For those of you who would label me a 'RINO' (Republican In Name Only) for taking this stand, I direct you to Vice President Cheney, whose conservative credentials are impeccable, and who answered a question on the topic before the National Press Club audience on June 1, 2009 by saying simply, 'freedom means freedom for everyone.'" - Fox News contributor Margaret Hoover, coming out for marriage equality on, of all places. Hoover directs readers to the Facebook page Republicans For Marriage Equality.

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FROM JMG: God's Control Panel

Joe says: RELATED: Today is Religious Freedom Day in America. Sadly, there is no Freedom FROM Religion Day.

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Keeping Same-Sex Marriage in the Dark

Marjorie Cohn, Jurist: "On Wednesday, a conservative majority of the Supreme Court overturned a ruling made by a federal trial judge that would have allowed limited television coverage of a trial that will decide the fate of California’s Proposition 8. The trial, which is currently proceeding in San Francisco, is one of the most significant civil rights cases of our time. The plaintiffs are seeking to overturn a ballot initiative that makes same-sex marriage illegal in California."

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