Monday, January 18, 2010

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from JMG: Uganda's "Kill Gays" Bill Author To Attend U.S. National Prayer Breakfast

Box Turtle Bulletin reports that Uganda MP David Bahati, the author of the pending "kill gays" legislation, will attend the National Prayer Breakfast in DC, where President Obama is expected to speak. Via Uganda's Sunday Monitor:

In February, David Bahati, the mover of the controversial Anti-Homosexuality Bill is expected to attend a prayer breakfast in the American capital of DC. Mr Bahati, according to reports, may speak at the event where President Barack Obama – a gays-tolerant liberal president, is also expected to attend. On Friday, Mr Bahati said he would attend. The event is organised by The Fellowship- a conservative Christian organisation, which has deep political connections and counts several high-ranking conservative politicians in its membership. “I intend to attend the prayer breakfast,” said Mr Bahati – himself a part organiser of the Ugandan equivalent of the national prayer breakfast. This week, citing international pressure, President Yoweri Museveni advised his party’s National Executive Committee, his cabinet and the NRM parliamentary caucus to “go slow” on the Bill.

Behait was invited to the prayer breakfast by the secretive Family, a coalition of GOP leaders and evangelical pastors. Will the president have anything to say about Uganda during the event?

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From JMG: PhoboQuotable - Maggie Gallagher

"The obvious truth, repeated over and over again in the legal history of marriage in the U.S., is that the government thought marriage mattered because marital unions produce and protect children. They do this in two ways: First, by creating faithful, exclusive, enduring sexual unions that create the best context fo conceiving children. And second, by preventing (if the man and woman are faithful) the default harms of unregulated opposite-sex union: many fatherless children, many overburdened mothers, many men disconnected from family life.

"This is the argument that Ted Olson told Newsweek 'cannot be taken seriously.' Good luck with that, Ted. Seven million Californians took it very seriously, and so do the majority of state courts that have considered it, several international human rights courts, and of course every major faith tradition.

"On Christianity and marriage, San Francisco attorney Therese Stewart worked hard to establish that Catholics’ and Baptists’ views on marriage and sex are illegitimate bigotry. She actually had Yale Prof. George Chauncey read into the record official statements by the Vatican and by the Southern Baptist Convention. I had to laugh to keep from crying. This is the city that in an official resolution condemned the Catholic Church and urged a sitting Catholic archbishop to “defy” his own faith and side with the City Council’s on gay adoption. Could gay-marriage advocates try any harder to fuel the perception that a victory for gay marriage requires the defeat of religious liberty, tolerance, and civility for Christianity and other traditional faiths?" - Maggie Gallagher, recapping the first week of Perry vs. Schwarzenegger.

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