Tuesday, February 16, 2010

An clear exampel as to why JMG is such a delight: Manly Cupcakes For Manly Men

Manhattan's decade of fascination with the "upscale" cupcake emporium has been well-documented. And years after Sex And The City went off the air, the lines at the pointedly downscale Magnolia Cupcakes mysteriously remain. Therefore, it seems, we were long overdue for a gay take on the phenomenon. Enter the Butch Bakery.
Butch Bakery was born when David Arrick felt it was time to combine a masculine aesthetic to a traditionally cute product -the cupcake. When a magazine article mentioned that cupcakes were a combination of everything "pink, sweet, cute, and magical", he felt it was time to take action, and butch it up. He decided to create a company where "Butch meets Buttercream". David is delighted to bring this exciting culinary product to market.
A one-dozen booze-infused "Butch Box" of cupcakes will set you back $48. I love that they've trademarked "Butch it up." I'm totally going to copyright "You go, girl!"

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refrosted from JMG

Remembering a Gay Son

The Olympics are all about stories that tug at our heart strings and renew our faith in both a little redemption and a little humanity. And there might be nothing more heart-warming than to see Brian Burke, the General Manager of the U.S. Hockey Team, in attendance at the games. Burke lost his son, openly gay Miami University of Ohio student Brendan Burke, in a car accident last week. When Brendan told his father he was gay, his father not only stood by him, but marched next to him in Pride parades. A few months ago, Burke used his son as an example of courage when talking about homophobia in sports. It was clear that this father loved his son more than anything, sexual orientation be damned. That's the way it should be. Of being at the Olympics, Burke simply said, "My son would have wanted me to be here." Sure, it'll be hard for Team USA's hockey team to surpass the miracle win of 1980. But it sure would be great to see them win this year for Brendan.

from Change.org

The Five Most Gay-Friendly Things About the 2010 Winter Olympics

Face it, there's no escaping the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Whether it's non-stop coverage of Johnny Weir's outfits, or the constant replay of those two South Koreans crashing on the speed-skating track, February is all about covering the glitz and glamour of winter sports.

And if you haven't noticed, there's also something a little LGBT-friendly about this year's games. Are they the Gay Games? No, not in the least. For really LGBT-inclusive sports, stay tuned for the 2010 Gay Games in Cologne, Germany later this year. But in its own way, the Vancouver Olympics are making little LGBT imprints. Here are five ways the Olympics are getting their gay on this time around.

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