Sunday, February 28, 2010

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NOM's Maggie Gallagher Supports & Admires Killing Gays

by: waymonhudson

Fri Feb 26, 2010 at 12:47:03 PM EST

(You said it; now OWN your hate, Maggie- and with it, National Organization for Marriage and ALL of their allies... - promoted by Louise)

We all know Maggie Gallagher makes her living off of peddling anti-LGBT hate with the National Organization for Marriage. She claims she's just "saving marriage from the evil gays" and that she doesn't hate us. Sure she claims that we out to recruit kids, indoctrinate them in schools, and destroy them by being parents, but that's just a little political difference, right? She's Miss "warm and fuzzy" homophobia, especially if you see the media coverage of her.

Well, Maggie G let that mask slip a bit and we got to see what we all know is lurking underneath. Gallagher has come to the defense of (shocker!) Miss Faux Beverly Hills Lauren Ashley, who not only said gays shouldn't marry, but trotted out the old Leviticus Bible verse saying gays are an abomination and should be killed.

gallagher.jpgMaggie Gallagher has endorsed and supported Lauren Ashley:
I'm not surprised that Miss Beverly Hills, Lauren Ashley, opposes gay marriage -- after all 45 percent of young Californians voted for Prop 8, as did 7 million Californians generally. But I have to say, I am impressed with her courage in coming forward and for speaking up for Carrie. The elected officials of city of Beverly Hills are not demonstrating tolerance or kindness by continuing the avalanche of hatred against supporters of Prop 8.
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infoMania / Johnny Weir: That's Gay

From JMG: John McCain: There Is Strong Opposition To DADT Among Military Leaders

On Meet The Press today, Sen. John McCain was called out for his recent backtracking on DADT, which he once said should be repealed if military leaders agreed, as we saw Joint Chiefs chairman Admiral Mike Mullen do recently. McCain: "Oh, but Mullen was speaking personally."

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