Friday, April 2, 2010

Great Kids!

Via JMG: Animals Are Gay, Part II

Two elderly male otters died within an hour of each other at a New Zealand zoo yesterday. Handlers say that the second one probably died of heartbreak after watching his mate pass away.
Zookeeper John Miller said the Asian otters, who were 19 and 16 years-old, had been best friends for 15 years. It's thought that having each other for company kept them alive beyond the normal otter life-span of 14 years. According to handler Gail Sutton, the pair lived to nearly 100 in human years. 'They were a great pair of otters, they were interested in what was happening,' she said. The pair had been unwell for a couple of weeks but after completing treatment they were returned to their enclosure, only to be discovered dead the next morning. 'We were devastated and we couldn't work out quite what had happened with them,' Ms Sutton said. 'It brought a tear to my eye and it's making me well up now.' 'The only consolation from this is that they both went together because if one had gone without the other, the remaining one would have been really lost.'

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Via JMG: Concerned Women Are Concerned That Gay Kids Don't Get Beaten Enough

Concerned Women For America have issued an endorsement of the plan for Christian children to walk out of school during GLSEN's Day Of Silence.
The pro-homosexual "Day of Silence" (DOS) is coming to your child's school again. The nationally scheduled date is April 16, 2010. While wearing the mask of a "safe schools" program, this is actually a movement to silence any criticism of homosexuality. It is a homosexual activism day. Day of Silence is sponsored by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) and was created by GLSEN's founder and former Executive Director, Kevin Jennings. Jennings now heads the Safe and Drug Free Schools Program at the U.S. Department of Education. The Day of Silence is just one of the homosexual indoctrination programs operating in our schools.

"Gay" students and teachers are asked to go the entire day without speaking as a protest to the bullying and harassment students receive over their "sexual orientation." This is a manufactured crisis of violence upon gender-confused students. Adult homosexual activists have manufactured it to promote a political agenda, but instead they are ruining young lives, putting children at risk because of deadly behaviors, and forcing gender confusion on the vulnerable.

The goal behind the Day of Silence is not to make schools safe but to silence Christian voices and the voices of those who do not approve of homosexuality. Students who do not support homosexuality have a right to say that sex between two males or two females is repulsive. They also have a right to say people aren't born homosexual without being called bigoted or hateful.
Among the Christian groups endorsing (PDF) the beating, bullying and torture of LGBT youth: American Family Association, Americans For Truth, Liberty Counsel, Mission America, MassResistance, PFOX, and many others.

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GTEI NYC--Show that started at TOSOS to move to Broadway

From Joseph:

I belong to the Gay Theatre and Performance Arts Networking Group in NYC.. so I got this today..

Click on the link.. the show about two soldiers in love... seems wonderfully written..