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Conservatives hate that our families count on the 2010 Census

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April 8, 2010 5:00 PM

The Arkansas News reported:

LITTLE ROCK -- An advertising campaign by the U.S. Census Bureau directed toward same-sex couples isn't sitting well with some conservatives in Arkansas.

State Sen. Cecile Bledsoe, R-Rogers, a candidate for Arkansas' 3rd District congressional seat, said Wednesday she opposes the campaign "not only because it's an improper message, but because it's an incredible waste of taxpayer dollars."

Whenever a politician starts talking about "wasting taxpayer dollars" my ears perk up. Really State Senator Cecile Bledsoe? Let's take a look at some of the projects you thought were worthy of your state's money, and the time the state paid you to work on those projects.

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Myth of the 'gay lifestyle' justifies bias

(CNN) -- On most mornings, my better half wakes up around 5:30, throws on some sweats and heads to the gym before work.

About a half hour later, I wake up my 13-year-old son, go downstairs to the kitchen to make his breakfast and pack his lunch. Once he's out the door, I brew some coffee and get to work.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you the "gay lifestyle" -- run for your heterosexual lives.

I understand opponents of gay rights must highlight differences in order to maintain the "us against them" tension that's paramount to their arguments. But this notion that sexual orientation comes with a different and pre-ordained way of life -- as if we're all ordering the No. 3 at a drive thru -- only highlights how irrational groups such as Focus on the Family, the Family Research Council, the American Family Association and others like them are in this whole debate.

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Via JMG: Marching Orders

Anti-gay groups are issuing their final directions for Christian students to walk out of any school that participates in this year's GLSEN Day Of Silence next Friday. The below is a joint message to parents from evil twin vipers Laurie Higgins (Illinois Family Institute) and Linda Harvey (Renew America).
Explain to your children why you’re taking a stand:
a. Homosexual behavior is not an innate identity.
b. No matter what factors may influence homosexual feelings, freely chosen homosexual behavior is immoral and should be resisted.
c. Homosexuality is not equivalent to race.
d. Disapproval of homosexuality is not equivalent to racism; nor is it hatred; nor is it bullying; nor does it constitute an incitement to violence. It is permissible and ethical to express disapproval of homosexuality. Just because someone may feel bad when hearing that someone disapproves of homosexuality does not mean that disapproval is cruel or wrong.
e. No school should support a view of homosexuality that is unproven and controversial, and that is physically, emotionally, and spiritually destructive to individuals and society.
f. No school should allow instructional time to be politicized.

Encourage your church leadership to follow the bold example of Pastor Ken Hutcherson who vocally opposed “Day of Silence” in his community in Redmond, Washington. He led the Walkout in his community, and over 600 out of 1,400 students were called out of school on the Day of Silence. Let your light shine by spreading the word to your church and neighbors. Explain that school districts lose money for every absence, which may help convince administrations and school boards that it is not merely unethical but fiscally irresponsible to allow the classroom to be used for political purposes.

Contact: Linda Harvey,;

Laurie Higgins,
Feel free to contact Evil Power Twins Linda & Laurie and let them know how you feel about their endorsement of anti-gay bullying and harassment.

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