Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Quote Of The Day - Dorothy Hamill

"If I hadn't been born a woman I would have certainly been gay, because I love sparkles and ruffles and color." - Olympic figure skating legend Dorothy Hamill, when asked what it means to be a woman. Hamill was in NYC attending the 125th anniversary party for Good Housekeeping Magazine.

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a repost via JMG

Via JMG: Out Magazine's 50 Most Powerful Gays

Out Magazine has just published their annual Power 50 list of the most prominent gays in the country.
Out, the world’s leading gay fashion and lifestyle brand, presents the fourth annual Power 50, a veritable who’s who of prominent gay men and women representing all walks of life. From entertainers to politicians, writers, and cultural icons, the Power 50 honors the influencers affecting the cultural and social landscape for the LGBT community. Taking into account political clout, personal wealth, and an individual’s media profile, the list recognizes men and women living the good fight. Ellen DeGeneres tops this year’s list, with America getting a double dose of the multi-Emmy winner via her hugely popular talk show and her new gig as American Idol judge. DeGeneres traded spots with Massachusetts congressman Barney Frank, whose outspoken demeanor has made him a rare political figure: a progressive with a visible spine.
Each person has their own page on the site (oy) so I'll just recap the top ten.

1. Ellen DeGeneres
2. Barney Frank
3. Anderson Cooper
4. Rachel Maddow
5. Adam Lambert
6. Barry Diller
7. Neil Patrick Harris
8. Joe Solmonese
9. Tammy Baldwin
10. Jared Polis

Other notable listings: Matt Drudge (15), Christine Quinn (23), Dan Choi (28), Andrew Sullivan (31). I'll admit I didn't recognize about a dozen of the names on the list, mostly the folks from film and fashion.

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another repost from JMG

Via JMG: Burned Rainbow Flag Hung Outside Of NYC LGBT Community Center

Staffers at the NYC LGBT Community Center in Manhattan's West Village found a burned and torn rainbow flag affixed to their front wall this morning. Executive director Glennda Testone:
"This morning our building staff arrived and discovered a burned rainbow flag hanging on one of the poster display cases outside our building. We called the NYPD, and they immediately dispatched detectives from the hate crimes unit and our local precinct. They are currently investigating the crime. We at the Center will not stand for anyone who thinks they can come into our community and try to intimidate us. We work hard to create a safe environment and provide a safe space for all LGBT New Yorkers. Hate and intolerance against us will not be accepted in New York, and it is so important the Center is a safe space in our city. It is sad that such incidents still happen in this day and age, but we appreciate the NYPD and especially the hate crimes unit doing everything they can to ensure the safety of all LGBT people in New York."
Testone reports that the perpetrator was captured on the Center's security camera, but she encourages anybody with additional information to call the NYPD at .

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a repost from JMG