Sunday, May 9, 2010

Quote of the Day

"a decent society is one that does not humiliate its members"
- Spanish Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero

Why we love Betty White

Via JMG: Betty White's Dusty Muffin

Too much?

I've replaced the "Dusty Muffin" clip with this Hulu edit which contains all of Betty's bits from last night's show.

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Via JMG: National And State LGBT Organizations Step Up To Protect Rekers' Rentboy

An impressive group of state and national LGBT organizations have expressed their support for Jo-Vanni Roman, the Miami rentboy caught in the middle of the best/worst scandal to hit the anti-gay political machine in years. The above listed organizations and other skilled Florida-based professionals have all indicated their willingness to step in with their widely varied areas of expertise, should the situation become appropriate for their involvement. The leaders of these organizations have agreed to lend their names to this show of solidarity by the nation's LGBT community.

Equality Florida: Nadine Smith, Executive Director
National Center for Lesbian Rights: Kate Kendall, Executive Director
Norm Kent: Civil Rights Attorney, Publisher and Editor, South Florida Gay News
Truth Wins Out: Wayne Besen, Executive Director
The Trevor Project: Charles Robinson, Executive Director
Lambda Legal: Gregory Nevins, Senior Staff Attorney, Southern Regional Office
Fifteen Minutes Publicity: Howard Bragman, Chairman

Noted Hollywood publicity agent Howard Bragman, who specializes in media crisis management, has volunteered to help Jo-Vanni Roman navigate the deluge of interview requests. They are scheduled to speak today. Florida-based attorney Ron Gunzburger has also made an offer of pro bono support, should the need arise. Other national and state organizations may be added to this list in the next few days.

Special thanks go out to Father Tony Adams, who worked as our point person in Florida on this effort. Of course, there is a hope that none of these esteemed groups will need to step in at all, but we MUST circle the wagons around this kid right now, lest our enemies sense that he is vulnerable to whatever repulsive plans they may have.

Thanks very much to all of the JMG readers who have contacted me with expressions of support, advice, and offers of money. We are trying to work through all of your emails and get back to every one of you. Later this week, we may create a PayPal account for young Jo-Vanni, should his financial situation become dire.

Today is a day to be proud of our people, I know I am.

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Via Care 2:

Shave Your Head and Donate the Hair! Hair Booms to the Rescue!

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- 1 day ago -
Please donate your old pantyhose to the Gulf Coast oil disaster cleanup, right now; shave your head and donate the hair! Our goal is to carry a 3 room apartment U-haul from NYC to Gulf Shores 7 days from now. In order to keep what we have

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