Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Quote of the Day:

“No one will find the way out of hate and violence unless we do. Go without hate, but not without rage. Heal the world.” – Paul Monette

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We seek the Lord's word on armed revolution, as revealed in this reading from The Book of the Persistently Dead.


And Jesus did arrive in the town of Gefilta and was greeted there by the village elders, who had dragged the stinking carcasses of their dead to the village square in order that the Lord might finally adjudicate them.

"Are you the King of our Shoes?", asked one of the elders.

And Jesus, sensing that what was actually meant was "of the Jews," sidestepped the question and answered instead:

"In my Father's house there are many rooms, but no man who advocates armed revolution against Democrats shall inhabit them."

And the people, not understanding "Democrats," took it to be a sign that it was time to air out the chickens and prepare the Sabbath meal.

So it is written: "He came to us a beggar and left a righteous man. In peace will his kingdom flourish and in garbage will his teabaggers flounder."


This is the word of The Flying and Bleached-Red-Head Monster, who makes all things tax-exempt.


Viva España!: Government Investigating "Gay Cure" Clinic, May Impose Fines

The Catalan government is investigating a Barcelona clinic that is alleged to be performing "gay cures" and may impose fines on the business.
Policlinica Tibidabo in the Catalan capital offers pills and psychiatric "treatment" to convert homosexuals. Spain's leading daily El Pais said people who wanted to be treated are often followers of a particular religion which believes homosexuality is incompatible with their beliefs. "An investigation has been opened into this clinic," a spokeswoman for the regional government's health department told AFP. "We do not consider homosexuality as an illness, far from it." She said the clinic could face fines if the month-long probe concludes that such treatments are being carried out. A gays and lesbian rights association in Catalonia, the CGL, hailed the decision of the regional authorities. "It is totally unacceptable, in the 21st century, that health professionals are trying to treat homosexuality," CGL secretary general Antonio Guirado said in a statement. "You cannot treat something that is not an illness."
Kudos to the Catalan government. Meanwhile in America, Christianist brainwashing "ex-gay" camps and evangelical "exorcisms," which are nothing short of mental and physical torture, continue to be perfectly legal.

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'Everybody Loves a Lesbian' song - Mongrels - BBC Three

Via JMG: McDonald's COO: I'm A Christian And That Gay Ad Will Never Play In America

A gay-positive McDonald's ad running in France has made international news and brought the company condemnation from American evangelists. But the Christianists needn't worry, McDonald's Chief Operating Officer Donald Thompson says that commercial will never run in the United States.
I've never shied away from the fact that I'm a Christian. I have my own personal beliefs and I don't impose those on anybody else. I've been in countries where the majority of the people in the country don't believe in a deity or they may be atheist. Or the majority of the country is Muslim. Or it may be the majority is much younger skewed. So when you look at all these differences, it's not that I'm to be the judge or the jury relative to right or wrong. Having said that, at McDonald's, there are core values we stand for and the world is getting much closer. So we have a lot of conversations. We're going to make some mistakes at times. (We talk) about things that may have an implication in one part of the world and may be the cultural norm in another part of the world. And those are things that, yes, we're going to learn from. But, you're right, that commercial won't show in the United States.

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Winning the Freedom to Marry