Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Via Change.org: Misinformation about HIV

Misinformation about HIV in GAY RIGHTS

Television's The View has a reputation for being one of the most gay-friendly programs around. Given this reputation, it makes it all the more surprising and frustrating that The View became ground zero this week for people to spread misinformation and ugly stereotypes about homosexuality and HIV. Gay Rights blogger Mike Jones writes that View host Sherri Shepherd made some unfortunate remarks blaming gay and bisexual African American men for exploding HIV rates among African American populations. But scientific evidence and the Centers for Disease Control say otherwise. Urge Shepherd and The View to retract these dangerous and homophobic comments, and have a thorough and accurate discussion about homosexuality and HIV in the African American community. Read more »

Via Bilerico: What were you doing when Ellen came out?

In 1997 when that special episode of the Ellen Show was airing across the country, the local affiliate invited me and a small group of lesbians to watch the show alongside a group of far right homophobes.

1997_ellen_degeneres.jpgIn particular I remember a pastor and his wife. I remember them well for two reasons
1) because he referenced his wife in every single sentence just to be sure no one mistook either of them for gay and 2) because of what happened right after the show ended.

So there we all were on opposite sides of a big conference room table. Our side was laughing way to hard at everything and they looked like a lemon had been sewn into their twisted mouths.

During commercial breaks the news reporter would ask our reaction to the show.
They would say it was eroding the very foundation of society and we said it was very, very funny.

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Ellen Coming Out 1997