Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Via Belirico: Today in Unfortunate Advertizing

via Belirico: Why Montana Matters

I've been getting some exposure over my post Montana Republicans Are Now Officially Homophobes and Bigots.

Andrew Sullivan linked to my blog. montana_gay_pride_postcard.jpgOutrage was expressed on the Montana GOP's Facebook page. Another Facebook page wants to "Tell MT Republicans to Remove Hate from their platform". The Missoulian published my editorial. Several other media outlets picked up the story.

I've been doing my best to keep the legs under this issue. Other people have been great at spreading the news.

It's not enough.

People are asking me if I've lost my mind. "Why does this matter so much to you? Why can't you let go?" Let me explain.

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Uganda gay rights activist decapitated

Uganda gay rights activist decapitated
July 6th, 2010

Uganda gay rights activist decapitated

Pasikali Kashube’s head was found days after his body was discovered. Read more...

Via JMG: NEW YORK: Finally We Get A Beauty Queen That We Can All Love

The just-crowned Miss New York is a winner in a more ways than one.
Miss New York 2010, Claire Buffie, is an outspoken advocate of human rights, opening the dialogue about equality amongst youth, teens and adults alike with her platform "Straight for Equality: Let's Talk." The issues of gay rights make up the civil rights movement of our generation and reach far beyond marriage equality. As Miss New York 2010, Claire aims to break the stigma of marginalized youth, eliminating discriminatory vocabulary and changing the climate in New York schools. She celebrates diversity and the things that make us all unique and strives to instill pride, dignity and respect in developing minds and compassionate hearts. This will be a year of change in New York State and Claire is ready to support this incredible movement.
All Over Albany adds that Buffie is an executive board member of the NYC chapter of P-FLAG. And she works at the Genius Bar at the Fifth Avenue Apple store, where the stream of gay boys is undoubtedly nonstop. She'll be competing for Miss America 2011 in January in Las Vegas. Go Claire!

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Via JMG: Louis CK Gets Schooled On "Faggot"

Edgy comedian Louis CK is really breaking new ground with the FX show Louie. In the below clip, a group of poker buddies jokingly question their token gay about sex clubs, but things turn a bit more somber towards the end. Language very super NSFW.

(Via - Dan Savage)

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