Tuesday, July 20, 2010

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It's unbearably hot because Mother Earth is tired of getting deep drilled, but is that the top news? Oh, no. Levi Johnson and Bristol Palin are getting married. - Kate Clinton

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Deepak Chopra

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Via JMG: HomoQuotable - Roy Ashburn

"I should begin with an apology. I am sincerely sorry for the votes I cast and the actions I took that harmed lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. Just as important to me, I am sorry for not stepping forward and speaking up as an elected official on behalf of equal treatment for all people. For nearly 26 years, the voters in my area of California trusted me as their elected representative. I look back now knowing there is so much more I could have done to inform the public about LGBT people and to fight for equal rights under the law. Regrettably and selfishly, I took another path in my life and political career—I chose to conceal who I truly am and to then actually vote against the best interests of people like me. All this was done because I was afraid–terrified, really–that somehow I would be revealed as gay.

"My past actions harmed gay people. In fact, all people are harmed when there is unequal treatment of anyone under the constitution and laws of our country. I do not believe in discrimination, and yet my votes advanced unequal of treatment of gay people and promoted the suspicion and fear that limits people from being forthright and accepted in society.

"Now, from what I have lived and learned, I want to do the best that I can to advance equality and freedom for all people. Given the shame and confusion that many feel over their sexual orientation, perhaps my situation can serve as an example of both the harm that can come from denial and fear, and the opportunity to try to make things right." - Recently outed CA Sen. Roy Ashburn, continuing his campaign of apologies with a lengthy essay for Gay Politics.

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Via JMG: Let's Take The DADT Survey

Another amusing entry from JMG reader Sean Chapin.

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Via SacBee:

Dan Walters: Proposition 8 still perplexes Californians

Published: Tuesday, Jul. 20, 2010 - 12:00 am | Page 3A
Last Modified: Tuesday, Jul. 20, 2010 - 8:07 am

Advocates of same-sex marriage rights were, to put it mildly, stunned when California voters passed Proposition 8 nearly two years ago, placing a ban on such marriages in the state constitution.

Californians' acceptance of same-sex unions had been steadily growing, the state Supreme Court had overturned a statutory ban on gay marriage, and the 2008 presidential election had a big turnout of young and nonwhite voters presumed to support "marriage equality," as advocates call it.

It later became apparent from exit polling, however, that Proposition 8 enjoyed strong support among black and Latino voters, which may have been decisive.

Read more: http://www.sacbee.com/2010/07/20/2901093/dan-walters-proposition-8-still.html#ixzz0uFK1zT9d

Via SacBee: Narrow majority of California voters favor gay marriage in poll

Despite the narrow passage of Proposition 8 in 2008, a slim majority of California registered voters favors allowing same-sex marriage, according to a Field Poll released today.make the jump ere to read the full article