Friday, August 27, 2010

Via JMG: CBS Poll: 75% Support Gays In Military

Scroll down the below just-released CBS poll for questions about DADT and same-sex marriage. Other topics on the poll: immigration, Obama, Palin, and the economy.
CBSNewsPoll Obama 082610

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Via JMG: Peter, Paul & Mary To NOM: Stop Playing Our Song At Your Hate Rallies

The Courage Campaign reports that sixties folk music star Peter Yarrow is NOT happy that NOM has been playing Peter, Paul & Mary's cover of This Land Is Your Land at NOM's hate rallies. Yarrow has sent Brian Brown a cease and desist letter. I bet NOM doesn't even know that Woody Guthrie wrote This Land as an counterpoint to God Bless America.

Sadly, Mary Travers passed away last year.

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Quote of the Day:

While getting dressed one morning, I decided I'd been spending too much time on my computer: I caught myself checking the lower right corner of my makeup mirror to see what time it was.
-- Darlene Jacobs

Via JMG: Signorile Vs. Log Cabin Republicans

Via JMG: HomoQuotable - Dan Savage

"I have no beef with evangelical Christians who support full civil equality for gays and lesbians despite believing that gay sex is a sin. Heck, I'll personally mow the lawns of evangelical Christians who refrain from actively persecuting gays and lesbians. I've said that the gay rights movement shouldn't get into arguments about theology and that people have a right to their own beliefs. I frankly don't care if someone thinks I'm going to hell after death and I'm not going to argue with him for the same reason I'm not going to argue with someone who believes that I'm going to the lost continent of Atlantis after dinner.

"All gays and lesbians want from evangelical Christians is the same deal the Jews and the yoga instructors and the atheists and the divorced and the adulterers and the rich all get: full civil equality despite the going-to-hell business. (And isn't hell punishment enough? Do we have to be persecuted here on earth too? It's almost as if they don't trust God to persecute us after we die. Have a little faith, people!)" - Dan Savage.
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