Monday, September 6, 2010

Via JMG: BURN A QURAN DAY (DC Douglas Tweaks Hate Churches)

Via JMG: Mrs. Betty Bowers' Christian Sex Tape

"Ted Haggard Is Completely Heterosexual" by Roy Zimmerman

Via JMG: Today Is Sylvester's 63rd Birthday

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Ignorance = Fear

Via JMG: SACRAMENTO: Thousands Of Bigots Gather To Pray Against Gay Rights

Dominionist, extremist, Christofascist preacher Lou Engle gathered several thousand bigots in California's capital today to pray against same-sex marriage and for "authority over Jezebel and San Francisco values."
The Sacramento event, Engle said, helped to highlight immoral laws being passed out of the Capitol and called on traditional marriage to be restored. "If marriage is going to be upheld between a man and a woman, which we believe is the best for families and children and society, then right now, it seems we need divine intervention," Engle said in an interview between appearances on stage. "That's part of the reason we're coming here, to pray, but also to take a stand and be a prophetic voice to stand for truth."
The above-linked story notes that "offering stations" were set up throughout the audience. Jackpot. Another Lexus for Lou Engle, who, should you have forgotten, is one of the American evangelists responsible for Uganda's "kill gays" bill.

UPDATE: JMG reader Andy sends us the "trailer" for yesterday's event. Scary.

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Religion Is Like A Penis

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Via JMG: This Week In Holy Crimes

Over the last seven days...

California: Pastor Robert Cowen sentenced to 30 years to life in prison for molesting two pre-teen sisters under the guise of Bible instruction.
Arizona: Pastor Christopher Furey charged with multiple felony counts of child molestation.
North Carolina: Pastor Darryl Todd charged with multiple felony counts of statutory rape of a 14 year old girl.
Pennsylvania: Father Felix Owino charged with molesting an 11 year old girl.
South Carolina: Pastor Bill Cabe charged with molesting an 11 year old boy. Cabe was recently released from prison after serving seven years for swindling $8M from his congregation.
Texas: Pastor Apostle Nathaniel Calhoun charged with multiple felony counts of sexual assault on a child.
Britain: Father Eugene Lewis sentenced to four years in prison for sexually abusing three pre-teen girls.
Kansas: Father John M. Fiala charged with four felony counts of child molestation. Fiala is being sued in Texas for sexually assaulting a 16 year old boy at gunpoint.
Ohio: Pastor Rodney Stewart busted in internet child sex sting. Stewart used a webcam to send lewd self photos to a detective posing as a 15 year old girl.
Pennsylvania: Pastor Laneer Fisher charged with molesting two teenage boys.
Washington: Pastor Derwin Pasley pleads guilty to molesting three teenage boys.
California: Pastor Jeffery Waisner sued for molesting a 14 year old girl. Waisner's church is also named in the suit for harboring a known pedophile.
Tennessee: Father William Casey indicted for aggravated rape of a fifth grade boy.

This Week's Winner
Ohio: On trial for embezzling over $1M from his church, Pastor David Thompson said that he was authorized by God to take the money. "As the pastor and as the overseer I was mandated first and foremost from God." Thompson allegedly mortgaged church property to buy himself a Hummer, a BMW, a Ford Expedition, a Cadillac Escalade, and a boat. Thompson also used church funds to send his children to private school and add a pool to his home. Thompson faces 87 years in prison.
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Via JMG: AMSTERDAM: Hundreds March In Protest Of Rise In Anti-Gay Violence

Led by well-known drag performers, hundreds marched in Amsterdam today in protest of the city's recent rash of violence against LGBT citizens. The rally was organized by the LGBT group Right To Feel Safe. Posters with the details of each of the attacks were affixed to street poles at the incidents' locations along the march route. A fuller account of today's action can be found in Dutch here.

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