Wednesday, October 13, 2010

DADT Plaintiff Alexander Nicholson Speaks To Keith Olbermann

Joel Burns tells gay teens ' it gets better'

Via JMG: Washington Post Publishes Editorial From Mother Of Dead Bullied Gay Child

In response to widespread criticism for publishing an anti-gay editorial from Family Research Council head Tony Perkins, the Washington Post has posted a response from the mother of 11 year-old Carl Walker-Hoover, who took his life last year after relentless homophobic bullying. An excerpt:
I am a single mother and a devout Christian who had never been involved in advocacy work or politics. After my son died, and GLSEN reached out to me, some of my friends and family members expressed concern about the organization's work to address anti-gay bullying in school. They voiced religious opposition to GLSEN. Thanks to Tony Perkins' On Faith piece published yesterday, I don't have to repeat the arguments. Perkins' lays them all out practically word for word. And they're all wrong. [snip]

If schools perceive addressing anti-gay bullying as a controversial issue, then they'll continue the status quo of putting their heads in the sand and hoping the issue takes care of itself. It won't. And we need to be clear on one thing - addressing anti-gay bullying is not a controversial issue. If you move through the smoke screen organizations like Family Research Council try to create, you realize addressing anti-gay bullying is simply the right thing to do if we care about all of our young people.
Read the entire essay.

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Perez Hilton Pledges to Be Kind on Ellen (2010-10-13)

Via JMG: Broadway Company of CHICAGO - It Gets Better

Via JMG: Another Bizarre Lie From Sarah Palin

Speaking to an quivering teabagger audience in Montgomery, Alabama, Sarah Palin said this:
"I tell Bristol, I am texting her and say 'Bristol'...and I wasn't kidding, I thought that this was a practical thing to do...'How about if Todd and I we load up all the kids in our motorhome and drive down, park on Rodeo Drive and we come to see you.' And I honestly didn't think that it was an unusual thing to suggest, that's what you do, a road trip. (...) But anyway, that's what we did, though, we parked a little bit further away from Rodeo Drive, and we got to watch Bristol."
Palingates did some fact-checking, noting that the 3375-mile drive from Wasilla to Los Angeles would take forever. And unless the Palin motorhome has a jet engine, there's no way she could have been in Los Angeles a mere two days after being photographed at her home in Alaska. Aaaand there's the pesky little fact of being seen on an Alaska Airlines flight to from Portland to Los Angeles on the day before the show. Oops!

Palingates makes the obvious conclusion: "The 'road trip' only existed in Sarah Palin's crazy mind - she shamelessly used this made-up story to impress her audience in Montgomery."

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