Sunday, May 29, 2011

Via JMG: HomoQuotable - Peter Tatchell

"We witnessed a high level of fraternisation and collusion between neo-Nazis and the Moscow police. I saw neo-Nazis leave and re-enter police buses parked on Tverskaya Street by City Hall. Our suspicion is that many of the neo-Nazis were actually plainclothes police officers, who did to us what their uniformed colleagues dared not do in front of the world’s media. Either that, or the police were actively facilitating the right-wing extremists with transport to the protest.

"During the Second World War, Mucovites stood against the Nazis. Now the Mayor of Moscow is colluding with neo-Nazis. He gave the neo-Nazi groups permission to stage a protest calling for violence against gay people, while denying Moscow Gay Pride a permit to rally for gay equality." - Famed British activist Peter Tatchell, reporting from yesterday's demonstration in Moscow.

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

JMG Tweet Of The Day - Miley Cyrus

Pop singer Miley Cyrus has been telling her one million Twitter followers to boycott Urban Outfitters because its CEO is a raving teabagger who contributed to Frothy Mix. Go Miley!

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Via AmericaBloggay: Fmr. Lt. Dan Choi Beaten in Moscow


Fmr. Lt. Dan Choi just texted me.  On Saturday, May 28 he was thrown to the ground and kicked by neo-Nazis and the Russian police for the simple "crime" of marching peacefully in Moscow's LGBT pride parade.  There's video of the entire thing, and it's horrific.

And the US government has said nothing.

Please sign Dan's open letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton asking her to condemn the anti-LGBT violence in Moscow, and to reaffirm the human rights of lesbians, gays, bisexual and transgender people in Russia and around the world.

The Russian government has banned "Pride" for years, in direct violation of a decision by the European Court of Human Rights.  And today they used violence against Russian and international human rights activists for peaceably exercising their rights to freedom of speech and freedom of association.

Dan needs our help. Our Russian brothers and sisters need our help.  And so far the US government is offering no help at all. (A State Department official actually claimed he couldn't do anything because the entire US government is on vacation until Tuesday!)

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is a longtime ally of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.  She was there when we needed her to speak out against LBGT human rights abuses in Uganda.  And we need her to speak out again today.

Dan Choi has agreed to personally deliver this open letter with all of your signatures to the State Department upon his return to Washington.  We can make a difference here, with your help.  Sign Dan's open letter to Secretary Clinton urging her to speak out against the violence in Moscow.

Thanks so much,

John Aravosis and Joe Sudbay @ AMERICAblog

Via AmericaBlogGay: Israeli PM Netanyahu mentioned gays in his address to Congress

So today the Middle East stands at a fateful crossroads. And like all of you, I pray that the peoples of the region choose the path less traveled, the path of liberty. one knows what this path consists of better than you. Nobody.

This path of liberty is not paved by elections alone. It’s paved when governments permit protests in town squares, when limits are placed on the powers of rulers, when judges are beholden to laws and not men, and when human rights cannot be crushed by tribal loyalties or mob rule.

Israel has always embraced this path in a Middle East that has long rejected it. In a region where women are stoned, gays are hanged, Christians are persecuted, Israel stands out. It is different.
Before anyone poo-poos this, he's the conservative leader of a government that panders to religious extremists. Yet he has no problem mentioning gays in an address to another government that is somewhat equivocal on, and even downright hostile to, gay rights. It's not nothing.

Via JMG: Another Gallup Poll

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Via JMG: HRC Endorses Obama 2012

The Human Rights Campaign has already endorsed Barack Obama's reelection bid.
Running in 2008, Barack Obama promised change from the George W. Bush administration and on so many issues, change is certainly what we got. From signature achievements like passage of the law to end "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" to administrative changes throughout government, President Obama has done more to improve the lives of LGBT people than any President in history.
Hit the link for HRC's exhaustive list of Obama's pro-gay accomplishments.

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Via JMG: Bloomberg's Speech On Marriage

Here's the full video of yesterday's pro-gay marriage speech by NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg. As noted by Andy Humm, we've got some major issues with Bloomberg, but it IS a damn good speech.

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Via JMG: Top TN Democrat: Extremist Bills Make State Look Buck-Toothed And Barefoot

Top TN Democrat: Extremist Bills Make State Look Buck-Toothed And Barefoot

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Via JMG: Gallup: How Many Gays Are There?

Gallup says: "U.S. adults, on average, estimate that 25% of Americans are gay or lesbian. More specifically, over half of Americans (52%) estimate that at least one in five Americans are gay or lesbian, including 35% who estimate that more than one in four are. Thirty percent put the figure at less than 15%."

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Via JMG: Ken Mehlman: Why Republicans Should Support Same-Sex Marriage

Yeah, that's nice now. But don't ever for one minute forget Mehlman's leadership role in the many anti-gay marriage referendums that swept the nation during his tenure as head of the Republican National Committee.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Via JMG: Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton Symbolically Vetoes Anti-Gay Marriage Bill

Even though he has no power to stop Minnesota's anti-gay marriage amendment from going on the 2012 ballot, Gov. Mark Dayton has symbolically vetoed the bill.
"I do not have the power to prevent this divisive and destructive constitutional amendment from appearing on the ballot, in November 2012, the Legislature sent it to me in the form of a bill," he wrote in a letter to legislative leaders. "Thus, symbolic as it my be, I am exercising my legal responsibility to either sign or veto it." He predicted the amendment will fail when it comes before Minnesotans. If that happens, Minnesota voters would be the first voters of dozens of states to reject a gay marriage ban. "The path of social progress, of human compassion and understanding, would be tragically reversed by this amendment. Minnesotans are better than this. I urge Minnesotans to reject this amendment," he wrote.
Hit the above link for a copy of Dayton's letter announcing the veto.

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All Out has been working in support of an ambitious Anti-Homophobia law (PLC122) that would finally give ALL Brazilians equal protection under the law. Brazil has one of the highest rates of attacks and murders of LGBT people in the world. On May 17, the International Day Against Homophobia, our 100,000+ All Out / Avaaz petition was delivered to the Brazilian parliament and our efforts received tons of local press. Later that evening All Out organized a massive outdoor photo projection in Brasília, made up of hundreds of powerful messages of solidarity from our membership around the world. Check out some incredible photos from that event here

Via JMG: Photo Of The Day - SF AIDS Ribbon

A giant AIDS ribbon has been installed on San Francisco's Twin Peaks in observance of the 30th anniversary of the epidemic. The ribbon, which can been seen for many miles, will remain on the hillside until it's replaced by the giant pink triangle which appears in that space every year on gay pride weekend.

(Tipped by JMG reader James)
[Photo Credit: Thomas Levinson]

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Via JMG: Language Advice For Christianists

From the Desiring God site of Pastor John Piper:
Except in a sentence like this one, I don’t think we should use the term “gay marriage” or “same-sex marriage.” I think in our everyday discourse, we should say “so-called gay marriage” or “so-called same sex marriage.” I would encourage politicians, pastors, and people to adopt this simple habit. The reason is that in God’s eyes, there simply is no such thing as so-called “gay marriage.” It does not exist. It cannot be made to exist by desires or decisions or language or laws. God ordained marriage with the words: “A man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh” (Genesis 2:24). Marriage is the union of a man and a woman in a lifelong covenant as husband and wife.
Going by Piper's logic, Newt Gingrich is on his third "so-called marriage."

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Via JMG: OREGON: Two Gay Portland Men Beaten For Holding Hands

Portland, Oregon police are investigating a possible hate crime after two gay men were beaten after being seen walking hand-in-hand. One of the victims reports: "I left [the ER] with 9 stitches in my lips, two black eyes, a dislodged jaw, some loose teeth, severe swelling where they hit me on my cheek, and scrapes and bruises on my head."
Detectives say Brad Forkner and Christopher Rosevear were walking hand-in-hand Sunday evening in Waterfront Park and then headed over the Hawthorne Bridge. As the pair walked, police say, they noticed several men behind them who were talking, laughing and pointing, but they weren’t sure if it was directed at them. Police say the attack happened as Forkner and Rosevear walked from the bridge to the trail toward the East Bank Esplanade. The pair told officers the men pushed and punched Forkner before he managed to break away and call 911. Police say the attackers hit Rosevear in the head, face, back and ribs before running off. ”It’s too bad that people are still walking around a city like Portland feeling, well, actually unsafe,” says Paul Fukui, the operations manager of the Q-Center, which advocates for the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered community.
According to the above-linked news story, several witnesses observed the attack but did nothing to help. The three assailants are described as white men in their 20s.

(Tipped by JMG reader Megan)

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Via Odd quote of the day

From the Advocate, regarding Tennessee's hate law that repealed gay and trans protections in Nashville:
Human Rights Campaign president Joe Solmonese released the following statement: “Discrimination should have no place in the Volunteer State and the Chamber [of Commerce]’s opposition to this law sent a strong signal that corporations are on the leading edge of positive change. In contrast Governor Haslam has put discrimination ahead of the state’s values and even business interests by signing this horrible legislation.”
Corporations were also on the leading edge of making this entire thing happen. Their local representatives were responsible for this law, lobbied for this law via the local chamber of commerce, and then when we asked them for help killing it, most of them were cool to the idea at best.  As for the Chamber, it held its statement until 20 seconds - literally 20 seconds - before the governor signed the bill into law, making it utterly worthless.  Hardly a coincidence or a "strong signal."

Other than that Mrs. Lincoln...

Via AmericaBlogGay: Obama admin. "strongly objects" to House GOP effort to thwart DADT repeal

The White House issued its "Statement of Administration Policy" (SAP) on H.R. 1540 – National Defense Authorization Act for FY 2012. You'll recall that some of the House homophobes added anti-gay language to that legislation. The House will be voting on the Defense bill this week. The White House has many problems with the House bill -- and does not approve of the anti-gay provisions. There's no veto threat, but there's an objection:
Attempts to Prevent, Delay, or Undermine the Repeal of "Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell": On December 22, 2010, President Obama signed into law the Don't Ask, Don't Tell Repeal Act of 2010, in order to strengthen our national security, enhance military readiness, and uphold the fundamental American principles of fairness and equality that warfighters defend around the world. As required by that statute, DoD is diligently working to prepare the necessary policies and regulations and conducting educational briefings to implement the repeal. Should it be determined, as required by the statute, that the implementation is consistent with the standards of military readiness and effectiveness, unit cohesion, and military recruiting and retention, then the President, the Secretary of Defense and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff will send forward the required certification. The Administration strongly objects to any legislative attempts (such as section 533) to directly or indirectly undermine, prevent, or delay the implementation of the repeal, as such efforts create uncertainty for servicemembers and their families.

Military Regulations Regarding Marriage: The Administration strongly objects to sections 534 and 535, believes that section 3 of the so-called Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) is discriminatory, and supports DOMA’s repeal.
Last year, the inclusion of DADT repeal language didn't merit a "Statement of Administration Policy." We got a letter.

So, we've made progress -- and it's clear that being pro-gay is the winning political position. The GOPers want to have this fight. Let's have it.

Via JMG: Focus on the Family thinks the bigots have lost the marriage battle

Fascinating. From Salon:
Jim Daly, the president of the massive religious-right organization Focus on the Family, concedes that his group has basically lost the argument on gay marriage in an interview with a Christian magazine.
We're winning the younger generation on abortion, at least in theory. What about same-sex marriage? We're losing on that one, especially among the 20- and 30-somethings: 65 to 70 percent of them favor same-sex marriage. I don't know if that's going to change with a little more age—demographers would say probably not. We've probably lost that. I don't want to be extremist here, but I think we need to start calculating where we are in the culture.
Well! Focus on the Family will still do everything in its power to force women to carry pregnancies to term against their wishes, but they have largely given up on forbidding loving couples from making legal commitments to one another for no reason other than an icky feeling supported by the bit of the book of Leviticus that also calls for people who insult their parents to be stoned to death. Progress!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Via JMG: Poll: Majority Of Christians Oppose DOMA

From a new poll conducted by the Human Rights Campaign:
The poll shows that Christians of all ages support LGBT equality. In fact, 68 percent of Christians favor protecting LGBT people from discrimination in employment, housing, and public accommodations compared. This number is in line with the 70 percent of overall respondents who favor such protections. 74 percent of Christians (compared to 76 percent overall) favor a law to prohibit bullying and harassment against minority groups in schools, including LGBT students or the children of LGBT parents. 70 percent of Christians believe that when religious leaders condemn LGBT people it does more harm than good. A majority of Christians - 52 percent - also oppose the discriminatory Defense of Marriage Act, according to a previous HRC poll by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research poll. Finally, an astounding 86 percent of Christians believe their faith leads them to the conclusion that the law should treat all people equally, including LGBT people.
Lots more graphs at the above link.

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Via JMG; HomoQuotable - Evan Wolfson

"Focus on the Family finally got something right—the American people are rejecting their anti-gay toxic rhetoric and punitive politics, and are siding with loving and committed couples seeking the freedom to marry. With six national polls now confirming that a majority of Americans support the freedom to marry, it’s time for Focus on the Family and other anti-gay industry activists to move on and, ideally, redirect their resources toward tackling the real problems gay and non-gay Americans could be confronting together in these tough economic times." - Freedom To Marry head Evan Wolfson, responding to Focus president Jim Daly, who says the Christian right has lost the marriage battle.

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Primetime from ABC News: Gay Parents Bashed

Via JMG: White House Issues Statement Denouncing Minnesota's Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment

Via the Washington Blade:
“The President has long opposed divisive and discriminatory efforts to deny rights and benefits to same sex couples or to take such rights away. While he believes this is an issue best addressed by the states, he also believes that committed gay couples should have the same rights and responsibilities afforded to any married couple in this country."
"Best addressed by the states." Hmm.

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

War On Gays Not Why We Fight Wars Says GOP Iraq Vet

JMG Quote Of The Day - Jim Daly

"We're losing on [gay marriage], especially among the 20- and 30-somethings: 65 to 70 percent of them favor same-sex marriage. I don't know if that's going to change with a little more age, demographers would say probably not. We've probably lost that. I don't want to be extremist here, but I think we need to start calculating where we are in the culture." - Focus Of The Family president Jim Daly, speaking to World Magazine.

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Via JMG: A E I O U to you!

Your Vowels Are Totally Gay

According to a new study due out from Ohio State University, most people can correctly guess a man's sexual orientation by listening to recordings of the way he pronounces his vowels.
They asked seven gay and seven heterosexual males to record single-syllable words (including "mass," "food" and "sell") and then played the recordings for listeners. The study participants were then asked to identify the sexual orientation of the speakers when hearing only the first letter sound of those words, the first two letter sounds, or the entire words. The listeners were unable to determine the sexual orientation after hearing the sound of the first letter in the spoken word, for example, just the "m" sound in the word "mass." But, "when presented with the first two letter sounds [for example "ma"], listeners were 75 percent accurate," [researcher Erik] Tracy said. "We believe that listeners are using the acoustic information contained in vowels to make this sexual orientation decision," he explained.
I'd like to know how the gay voices were chosen for the study.

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rachel Maddow - It's Ok To Be Takei!

MSNBC - Majority Of Americans Support Marriage Equality

Via AmericaBlog: Alcoa opposes TN hate law, calls on governor to veto bill

Finally some courage. Alcoa is the only company so far to say explicitly that they oppose the Tennessee legislation that would repeal Nashville's civil rights ordinance, and that they want the Governor to veto the bill.

“Alcoa provides equal employment opportunity without discrimination and supports state and local legislation protecting the rights of all community members. We do not agree with the chamber on this issue and would ask that the governor veto the bill."
Beautiful statement. Simple, clear, to the point. No semantic games, no trying to have it both ways.

In contrast, AT&T, Nissan and FedEx issued statements that might look like they're opposing the legislation (that's how HRC has apparently interpreted their statements), but when you actually read the statements a few times you realize they're a very well-crafted effort at saying nothing at all (it helps to have a law degree). None of the statements from AT&T, Nissan or FedEx state unequivocally that they oppose the legislation. None of the statements call on the Governor to veto the legislation.

Alcoa is the only board member of the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce that didn't play games with their statement. Until AT&T, Nissan, FedEx, Comcast, DuPont, Pfizer, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Caterpillar, KPMG, Whirlpool, Embraer, and United HealthCare all issue statements calling on the governor to veto the bill, they get zero credit for trying to rectify the damage they've done.

Please sign our open letter calling on all of these companies to tell the governor to veto the bill.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Via JMG: That's Gay: Real Housewives

Via JMG: National Gallup Poll Shows First-Ever Majority Support For Gay Marriage

Gallup reports: "For the first time in Gallup's tracking of the issue, a majority of Americans (53%) believe same-sex marriage should be recognized by the law as valid, with the same rights as traditional marriages. The increase since last year came exclusively among political independents and Democrats. Republicans' views did not change."

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Via JMG: LOS ANGELES: Gay Cop Wins $1M Suit

Los Angeles cop Sgt. Ronald Crump has won a $1M judgment in a lawsuit filed against the LAPD because of retaliation he suffered after complaining about anti-gay mistreatment by a superior.
Sgt. Ronald Crump sued the city last year, alleging that his direct supervisor at the Los Angeles Police Department Media Relations Section -- Lt. John Romero -- made derogatory remarks about his homosexuality. Romero, who has since been promoted to captain, allegedly described him as "the new Ruby minus the heels," in reference to the woman he replaced in the unit. On another occasion, Romero allegedly told him, "I was a religion major at Liberty University. Jerry Falwell would roll over in his grave if he knew I had hired you."

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Via JMG: Binational Couples Tell Their Stories

Learn more here.

Out4Immigration - Binational Couples for Immigration Equality in the US from Devote Campaign on Vimeo.

(Tipped by JMG reader Chris)
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Via JMg: TENNESSEE: Major Corporations Back Statewide Ban On LGBT Rights

AmericaBlog Gay reports on the backers of yesterday's ban on LGBT rights in Tennessee.
The Tennessee Chamber of Commerce - chaired by Nissan, and whose other board members include such companies as FedEx, AT&T, Comcast, DuPont, Pfizer, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Caterpillar, KPMG, Whirlpool, Embraer, Alcoa, and United HealthCare - actively lobbied for a religious right bill in the Tennessee legislature that would rescind Nashville's civil rights protections for its gay and trans citizens, and which bans every city in Tennessee from passing any civil rights laws, for anyone, ever again. The bill passed yesterday. It's on its way to the state's Republican governor for his signature, unless he vetoes it. And these companies led the way in making it happen.
Sign this open letter to the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce demanding that they rescind their support for this hateful bill.

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Via JMG: Gillibrand: Obama May Endorse Marriage Equality Before 2012 Election

In an interview with Andrew Harmon at the Advocate, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand speculates that President Obama might complete his "evolution" on same-sex marriage before the 2012 election.
Harmon: Do you think it’s possible that he could come out in support of marriage equality before the 2012 election?

Gillibrand: Definitely. He put the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell” in his State of the Union address. So there’s no reason why he can’t lean into marriage equality in a public speech or through some action he could do through the White House. I’d be thrilled if he decided to do that. He did take the step of not [defending] DOMA through his Department of Justice, which is a fantastic step because it was one that he was unwilling to do in “don’t ask, don’t tell.” So it shows a shift in his willingness to use the power of the White House — the power of the administration — to change public perception and to change policy. So I think we could get a very strong public statement out of him.
Read the full interview.

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BrowseMoviesUpload Sign Out George Takei vs. Tennessee's "Don't Say Gay" Bill

Via JMG: MINNESOTA: Libertarian Party Rebukes GOP Over Proposed Marriage Ban

The Libertarian Party of Minnesota has "rebuked" the GOP for the campaign to put a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage to a statewide vote.
The proposed Gay Marriage Ban would expand government control and restrict the freedom of consenting adults to live their own lives as they choose. Libertarians believe that marriage is a private matter between individuals. We believe that marriage is a fundamental human right, and that all personal relationships, including marriage, should be at the sole discretion and agreement of the individuals involved, as well as any family, friends, or religious institutions they may choose to involve. Government has no business restricting or interfering with marriage. This ban would create a caste system by dividing society into two classes: those who are permitted to marry, and those who are not. We also oppose any attempt to place a marriage ban before voters, as the trappings of democracy do not legitimize infringements upon personal liberty; a 51% majority does not have the right to force its will upon the other 49%. We instead support a free society, where 1% can still be free to live their own lives as they choose, even if 99% might disapprove. Furthermore, we call upon legislators to expand liberty by repealing the existing statutory gay marriage ban.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Via Huffington: The Hypocrisy Hall of Fame: Schwarzenegger and Marriage Equality

Arnold Schwarzenegger's long list of past indiscretions -- including the recent revelation that he fathered a child with a member of his household staff -- shouldn't be any of our business. As long as he didn't break the law, nobody beyond his immediate family should be concerned with his private affairs. But is it too much to ask that Schwarzenegger, and other politicians who have found themselves caught up in messy family situations, extend to all Americans what they say they want for themselves: to not have others meddle in their private lives?

I am still angry at Arnold Schwarzenegger. Not because he hid a personal secret from the public and from his own family, but because he did so while working to deny thousands of California citizens the right to have legal families at all.

make the jump here to read the full article


Via JMG: Catholic Molestation Study: Priests Were Stressed Out By The Sexual Revolution

According to a five year study commissioned by the Catholic Church, the real reason all those priests committed child molestation is because they were "poorly prepared and monitored" during the social tumult of the sexual revolution. Blame it on Woodstock.
The researchers concluded that it was not possible for the church, or for anyone, to identify abusive priests in advance. Priests who abused minors have no particular “psychological characteristics,” “developmental histories” or mood disorders that distinguished them from priests who had not abused, the researchers found. Since the scandal broke, conservatives in the church have blamed gay priests for perpetrating the abuse, while liberals have argued that the all-male, celibate culture of the priesthood was the cause. This report will satisfy neither flank.

The report notes that homosexual men began entering the seminaries “in noticeable numbers” from the late 1970s through the 1980s. By the time this cohort entered the priesthood, in the mid-1980s, the reports of sexual abuse of minors by priests began to drop and then to level off. If anything, the report says, the abuse decreased as more gay priests began serving the church. Many more boys than girls were victimized, the report says, not because the perpetrators were gay, but simply because the priests had more access to boys than to girls, in parishes, schools and extracurricular activities.
The $1.8M study was conducted by New York's John Jay College, with the DOJ kicking in $280K.

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Grant Hill From The Phoenix Suns On "Think Before You Speak" PSA

Via JMG: Another Rapture Update

The San Francisco Chronicle reports today that End Times proponent Harold Camping credits gay pride events and same-sex marriage for hastening the arrival of Saturday's rapture. Camping also says that 200 million Christians (only) will ascend to heaven in three days (time zone by time zone, beginning at 6PM, you'll recall) with the rest of us to be turned into pillars of salt, destroyed by earthquake, or burned alive in a hail of sulfur. All that will take place over the next five months because the Earth itself isn't scheduled to explode until October 21st.

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Via PFAW: Arnold Schwarzenegger's long list of past indiscretions

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Dear Daniel,

Arnold Schwarzenegger's long list of past indiscretions -- including the recent revelation that he fathered a child with a member of his household staff -- shouldn't be any of our business. As long as he didn't break the law, nobody beyond his immediate family should be concerned with his private affairs. But is it too much to ask that Schwarzenegger, and other politicians who have found themselves caught up in messy family situations, extend to all Americans what they say they want for themselves: to not have others meddle in their private lives?

I am still angry at Arnold Schwarzenegger. Not because he hid a personal secret from the public and from his own family, but because he did so while working to deny thousands of California citizens the right to have legal families at all.

Sure, Schwarzenegger was not one of those politicians who regularly use inflammatory anti-gay rhetoric, but nobody in state office has done more to hold back marriage equality for more people. Despite Schwarzenegger's often gay-friendly tone, he is the only governor ever to have vetoed marriage equality legislation twice...twice! Now, Schwarzenegger wants to be known for his refusal to defend the discriminatory Proposition 8 in court. But while he was in office, he had the chance to do the right thing and failed...twice. This is what Americans should remember about Schwarzenegger's gay rights record. A friendly tone doesn't mean a thing when it's paired with hateful policies.

Schwarzenegger, despite his purported unwillingness to join the ranks of the fire breathing gay-bashing Right, has placed himself with the likes of John Ensign and Newt Gingrich on the long and growing list of GOP officials who accused gay people of ruining the institution of marriage while they themselves flouted their wedding vows.

No politician, however squeaky clean his or her personal record is, should be in the business of telling grown adults who they can love and marry, or demonizing people who are trying to achieve the financial and emotional security of marriage. But the people who make my blood boil are those who accuse gay people of harming the institutions of marriage and the family while causing real harm to their own marriages and families. These men expose the real hypocrisy behind efforts to stop gay equality. They insist that family is a personal matter and beg for privacy in their personal affairs. We should all expect -- no, demand -- that they extend that belief to their public policy when and where it really matters.

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Michael Keegan, President

This piece also published on The Huffington Post.

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Via Change.Org:
Sign the Petition
Dear Daniel,
We have some wonderful news -- a breakthrough moment that could catalyze a cultural shift in America.
The San Francisco Giants have just committed to becoming the first team in professional sports to produce an “It Gets Better” video against anti-gay bullying, opening up a broader conversation in America about homophobia in the sports world and in our society.  
The Giants will join President Obama, corporations like Google and Apple, and more than 10,000 people who have uploaded poignant and powerful videos supporting kids struggling with sexual orientation and gender identity. 
Inspired by the It Gets Better Project and heartsick about recent homophobic incidents in sports, Giants fan Sean Chapin decided to start a petition on reaching out to his favorite team. More than 6,000 Giants fans signed on in support of Sean’s petition, including four San Francisco mayoral candidates.
The San Francisco Giants are now taking a courageous stand on behalf of gay kids, and those perceived to be gay, perhaps changing sports forever. Click here to join Sean Chapin in thanking the Giants for their amazing leadership.
This fantastic news comes in the aftermath of incidents involving basketball star Kobe Bryant and Atlanta Braves pitching coach Roger McDowell, who was suspended for calling a group of Giants fans a “homo couple” and making lewd gestures before a recent game in San Francisco.
With role models like Bryant and McDowell, it’s no wonder homophobia is rampant in sports, from high school to the pros -- and it’s no wonder that there are zero openly gay men in the four major American sports leagues.
By taking a stand against anti-gay bullying, the Giants are striking a big blow to homophobia -- and giving a big boost to gay youth across America, especially kids who seek to one day play professional sports. 
Please add your name to join Sean Chapin in thanking the Giants and letting them know how much you appreciate their courage:
Thanks for joining thousands of fans across America who support equality. Together, we’ll make sure the sports world is no longer a home for homophobia.
- Eden and the team

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Via JMG: JMG Reader Sean Chapin Convinces SF Giants To Create "It Gets Better" Video

JMG reader Sean Chapin has convinced the San Francisco Giants to become the first professional sports team to create an "It Gets Better" video. Chapin's petition to the team on had drawn over 6000 signatures.
In an interview Monday, Chapin, a 35-year-old accountant who lives in San Francisco and works in Oakland, described the team's decision, announced Monday, as a "breaking bubble" that will have profound reverberations. Giants spokeswoman Staci Slaughter said that the team had been thinking of joining the campaign before Chapin started his petition drive, but that his efforts speeded things up. She said the exact content of the video and which, if any, players or members of the coaching staff will participate have not been determined. Originally, the plan was to produce the video for the Giants LGBT Night home game in August, Slaughter said, "but now we're trying to get it done sooner than later."
Congratulations, Sean!

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Via JMG: Hillary Clinton Issues Statement Supporting International Day Against Homophobia

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has issued a statement supporting today's International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO). Via press release:
In every part of the world, men and women are persecuted and attacked because of who they are or whom they love. Homophobia, transphobia and the brutal hostility associated with them are often rooted in a lack of understanding of what it actually means to be lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT). So to combat this terrible scourge and break the cycle of fear and violence, we must work together to improve education and support those who stand up against laws that criminalize love and promote hate. As we mark the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia this May 17, let us resolve to redouble our efforts.

On behalf of President Obama and the people of the United States, I am proud to reaffirm our support for LGBT communities at home and abroad, and to call for an end to discrimination and mistreatment of LGBT persons wherever it occurs. Whether by supporting LGBT advocates marching in Belgrade, leading the effort at the United Nations to affirm the human rights of LGBT persons, or condemning a vile law under consideration in Uganda, we are committed to our friends and allies in every region of the world who are fighting for equality and justice. These are not Western concepts; these are universal human rights.

Despite these gains and hard work, there is more to do to turn the tide of inequality and discrimination against the LGBT community. If you are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, know that the United States stands with you and we are unwavering in our commitment to ending this cycle of hate.
And we stand with YOU, Madame Secretary.

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Via JMG: PhoboQuotable - Bingu Mutharika

"If as human beings created in the image of God, we fail to appreciate the difference between males and females and start marrying man-to-man and woman-to-woman, are we not worse than dogs that appreciate nature's arrangement? Have you ever seen a he-goat getting attached to another he-goat? Or a male dog to another male dog? Think about these things." - Malawi president Bingu Mutharika, speaking at a rally against the proposed decriminalization of homosexuality in his country.

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Via JMG: Ted Olson & NY AG Eric Schneiderman Editorialize Against Civil Unions

Former U.S. Solicitor General Ted Olson and New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman today published an op-ed piece in the New York Daily News explaining why civil unions are an unacceptable compromise in the marriage equality battle. Olson, as you doubtlessly know, was the co-lead attorney in the battle to overturn Prop 8. An excerpt from today's essay:
A civil union is not a marriage, nor is it an adequate substitute for one. To suggest otherwise is a cruel fiction. Even if all of the inherent confusion and complexities could be resolved and civil unions could somehow provide couples with the same rights and responsibilities of a true marriage, the separation of the two institutions creates a badge of inferiority that forever stigmatizes the relationships of committed same-sex couples as different, separate, unequal and less worthy. Time and time again, the U.S. Supreme Court has held that marriage is one of the most fundamental rights that we enjoy as Americans under the Constitution. It's a right older than the Bill of Rights and older than our political parties. It is the foundation of society. The time to grant the right of marriage to all New Yorkers is now.
Read the entire article.

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Via JMG: Phoenix Suns President Comes Out

The president of the Phoenix Suns NBA franchise has come out. Rick Welts is the first such professional sports leader to publicly declare his gayness.
Welts talked separately to NBA commissioner David Stern, Suns guard Steve Nash, Hall of Famer Bill Russell and founding WNBA president Val Ackerman to discuss the message he wished to convey in making his sexual orientation public. The 58-year-old Welts, who began his career as a ball boy for the Seattle SuperSonics, spent several years with Stern in the league office. He was the architect of the All-Star Weekend and helped raise the NBA's profile before leaving for the Suns' front office. Stern was not taken aback or even surprised by the conversation, though he did assume beforehand that Welts had wanted to meet to discuss career advice, according to The Times. "What I didn't say at the time was: I think there's a good chance the world will find this unremarkable," Stern told The Times. "I don't know if I was confusing my thoughts with my hopes."

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Via JMG: HomoQuotable - Dan Savage

"There are gay organizations with multi-million-dollar budgets, and none of them can seem to scrounge up an executive director who can string a few persuasive lines together and win an argument on basic cable. Why is that every time someone from the Human Rights Campaign is on TV, you just know that we already lost the fight? Whatever the argument is, whatever the question is, it’s over. Some people will say to me, 'Who made you spokesperson?' You know what? Nobody. I’m a spokesperson by default." - Dan Savage, who says he's "appalled" with his role as the go-to gay on television news.
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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Via JMG: NEW YORK: Wealthy GOP Donors Are Backing Marriage Equality Campaign

The New York Times reports that the bulk of new money coming into the latest push for marriage equality in New York is coming from wealthy GOP donors usually known for backing conservative causes.
Their behind-the-scenes financial support — about $1 million in donations, delivered in recent weeks to a new coalition of gay rights organizations — could alter the political calculus of Albany lawmakers, especially the Republican state senators in whose hands the fate of gay marriage rests. The donors represent some of New York’s wealthiest and most politically active figures and include Paul E. Singer, a hedge fund manager and top-tier Republican donor, as well as two other financiers, Steven A. Cohen and Clifford S. Asness. At the same time, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, a billionaire businessman and philanthropist who has been a major contributor to Senate Republicans in New York, plans a significant push for same-sex marriage: giving at least $100,000 of his own money, hosting a fund-raiser at an Upper East Side town house, traveling to Albany to lobby lawmakers and giving a speech on the issue.
File this one under surprising and welcome.

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Via JMG: Hero Collision: Rugby Star Ben Cohen Meets Champion Wrestler Hudson Taylor

Read this NYT profile on the two most well-known straight allies in the world of sports. The article begins:
Ben Cohen is a world-class English rugby star, and Hudson Taylor is a three-time college all-American wrestler. They live on opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean. They barely know each other. But they have something quite unusual in common. They may be the only two high-profile heterosexual athletes dedicating their lives to the issues of bullying and homophobia in sports.

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