Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Via AMERICAbloggay:

Two gay men with disabilities kicked out of KY swimming pool: Told "gay people" not allowed to swim, per the Bible

Wow.  Sounds like we need a nationwide public accommodations law too.  I mean, swimming pools.  Could they pick a better civil rights example?

This is the problem with the Democrats' dawdling on ENDA the past two years (and now it's too late, since we lost the House).  We're far beyond ENDA as a community.  We need marriage and a comprehensive civil rights act, now.  And Democrats have no clue how far beyond them our movement has gone.  The problem is that the White House is only talking with the traditional gay groups, who no longer represent the community, treating the rest of us like diseased pariahs.  They don't like us, especially those of us who work with the Internet.  We're mean, you see, because we actually expect the President to be our fierce advocate without massive amounts of never-ending cajoling.  No cocktail parties for us.  The White House thinks that if they diss enough of us enough times, the repeated snubs will force us to be nicer to them the next time they drop the ball and don't do what they promised.  Wonder how that's working for them, what with an important election coming up and all.  As Joe likes to say, you'd think they'd be wooing the base about now.  Not so much.  They're wooing HRC.  But some day soon the White House is going to realize that HRC has about as many troops as the Vatican. And by then it's going to be too late.

I really thought we'd be working side-by-side with the White House on gay rights and all sorts of progressive issues, taking advantage of the huge mandate the public gave the President, and of the utter ruin in which George Bush left the Republican party.  Instead, we got someone who is better than a Republican on a number of issues.  I strive to be more in life than simply better than bad people on a number of issues.  I'd hoped our friends in the White House would as well.

Now back to Kentucky...

More from Raw Story:
"The Pavilion staff immediately entered the pool area and asked my clients and their staff to leave the Pavilion," Mending Hearts Executive Director Shirlyn Perkins recalled. "My staff asked The Pavilion staff why they were being asked to leave, and they were informed that 'gay people' weren't allowed to swim there."

"My staff told this man that what he was trying to do was discrimination. The man stated that what he was doing was in the Bible and he could do it. My staff continued to argue with this man, but was ultimately forced to leave. My clients, whom already feel ridiculed and different, left the city owned facility crying and embarrassed for trying to participate in 'normal' activities that everyday 'normal' people do," she added.

"This is completely outrageous, The Pavilion is owned by the City of Hazard and paid for by our tax dollars," Kentucky Equality Federation President Jordan Palmer said.

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