Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Via AmericaBlogGay: Tracy Morgan defends his right to be a homophobe, blames guy who was offended

What a pig. 

Read this Gawker piece, then check out the video that's over there as well. Tracy Morgan, who joked a few months ago about how he'd kill his son if he ended up being gay, went on Letterman last night. Letterman spent nearly ten minutes trying to get Morgan to give a satisfactory answer as to why he did it. Morgan just squirmed and gave a lot of really bad excuses, including he just can't remember what he said, it was so long ago you know.

Oh yeah, Morgan blamed the gay kid who was offended and told everyone what he heard at the club.  Apparently, you're not supposed to speak out when Tracy Morgan acts like a homophobic jerk.

Keep digging.

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