Friday, June 24, 2011

Via NPR: Jose Antonio Vargas, Will Journalist Face Deportation? Signs Point To 'No'

  1. Will Journalist Face Deportation? Signs Point To 'No'

    June 24, 2011 Although US Immigration and Customs Enforcement declined to comment directly on the case of Jose Antonio Vargas, the agency's recent actions ...
  2. 'Washington Post' Debated 'Undocumented' Reporter's ...

    June 23, 2011 Some editors did not think Jose Antonio Vargas was giving them the full story, the newspaper reports. His account ended ...
  3. Pulitzer-Winning Reporter: I Am An Undocumented Immigrant ...

    June 22, 2011 Jose Antonio Vargas, a reporter who shared a Pulitzer Prize at The Washington Post, reveals that over many years he obtained a series of false ...
  4. Jose Antonio Vargas

    June 22, 2011 ... Public Radio Programs AZ | close. Jose Antonio Vargas archive. Thursday, June 23, 2011. ... Search Jose Antonio Vargas. Podcast + RSS Feeds. ...

*Countdown with Keith ...: Special Comment: Same-Sex Marriage

Via JMG: HomoQuotable - David Mixner

"The man [Obama] has done an enormous amount and I’m supporting him for president. But I would be more than delinquent if I didn’t say that I’m more disappointed than I thought I would be with his handling of marriage tonight. I didn’t come with any expectations that he would support marriage. But it was awful, it was embarrassing, and as soon as he reached that point, it was like he couldn’t wait to get off the stage. [snip]

"This is one of our big nights of celebration – I mean, we’re going to win this I think tomorrow, but we know this issue could go either way. This was a room full of people waiting to be jubilant. I knew he wasn’t he going to support marriage, but there were so many different ways he could have let us know that he understood this moment for us and how happy he was for us. I support him. After all, who wants President Bachmann?" - Longtime activist David Mixner, speaking to Equality Matters at last night's Obama fundraiser in NYC.

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Via JMG: SAN DIEGO: Active Duty Military To March In Gay Pride Parade For First Time

Some real American history will be made at San Diego Pride.
"To my knowledge [it is] the first time in the history of Pride in the United States, ever, that we have said, 'Active duty, you are welcome,'" organizer Sean Sala said. "We want you to be there without fear of repercussions, because we love you." Sala, an active-duty sailor, said he was bothered to see that police and firefighters were represented in the Pride parade, but not the people who serve this country. "I thought it was weird because San Diego has the biggest military installation in the United States, and military are public servants as well," he said.
About 200 service members have reportedly signed up to march. They will not wear their uniforms, as per military regulations.

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Via JMG: NYT Rips New York Senate On Inaction

The New York Times tears into the GOP-led New York Senate for dragging their feet on marriage equality.
As we wrote this editorial on Thursday evening, we were still waiting for the New York State Senate to do what it should have done long ago — end a basic inequality under the law by allowing same-sex couples the full right to marry. The solution is obvious: Pass a clean bill that allows all adult New Yorkers to marry whomever they choose to marry, without unneeded exemptions for religious-affiliated organizations. [snip] In Albany, they say hidden talks are necessary to get anything done. Nonsense. The state’s leaders just don’t want public scrutiny. It’s a cowardly way to conduct the public’s business.
Right fucking on.

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JMG Tweet Of The Day - Mrs. Wright

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BrowseUpload Sign Out Joy Behar - Dan Savage, Alec Mapa & Raven-Symone On Pilot Rant & Gay Pride Parade

Via JMG: Gay Rights?

You don't often see "gay rights" mentioned on homocon sites, which are typically more concerned about "wealth preservation" and screwing the poor. So I had to follow the tweet that heralded the above story. It turns out that the right to carry a concealed handgun anywhere you please is a gay rights issue. At least it is the bizarro world of Gay Patriot.

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