Sunday, July 31, 2011

Via NPR: For Gay Christian Musicians, Work Balances Faith, Art, Love

For Jennifer Knapp, coming out as gay meant abandoning a promising career as a Christian singer-songwriter.

Wanda Sykes on Ellen (full interview)

Julian Bond speaks at NAACP on Homophobia

Wanda Sykes Speaks OUT at NAACP 102nd Annual Convention

Via JMG: Rick Santorum on Tim Gill, gay marriage, incest, etc.

Via JMG: Brown: SPLC Is The Real Hate Group

"Is the SPLC, by its own criteria, the real hate group? It still carries weight in plenty of circles here in America, and so when it categorizes an organization as a hate group, many people of good conscience are influenced by that designation, one which is quite stigmatizing and destructive, as evidenced by the recent events involving FOTF and AFA mentioned above. Yet it is the leaders of the SPLC who are either irresponsibly attacking other fine organizations, or worse still, knowingly defaming them. Who then deserves the title of 'hate group,' Focus on the Family or the Southern Poverty Law Center? Who has been guilty of demonizing others and spreading hurtful, inaccurate information? Whose actions and words have been hateful? The record speaks for itself." - Anti-gay Christianist author Michael Brown, writing for Human Events.

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Via AmericablogGay: Did Obama just come out for same-sex marriage on Facebook?

Check out the ad the Obama campaign is running on Facebook. If you didn't know any better, you might think the President is for marriage equality (he's not).

What's actually going on is that the Obama campaign, and White House, have been trying to pull the wool over the community's eyes with a little bit of rhetorical trickery. The president is for equal rights for all couples, gay and straight, they keep telling us. And the proof they use is that he's for repealing DOMA (and that Facebook ad lands on a page about DOMA). What they don't say is that the only way to get those equal rights is for us to get married, and the President isn't for that (he was for it, then decided to run for federal office and suddenly his position changed).

So the President says he supports equal rights for all married couples, and refers to gay couples as married in the ad, even though he opposes our marriages, which will stop us from getting the very equal rights he claims to support.

Someone in the White House and the Obama campaign thought they were mighty smart using this "I'm for equal rights" language in order to trick you into thinking he is.  He's not.

Though this ad does beg one further question: Does President Obama consider gay couples married in Massachusetts or Iowa or Washington, DC "married"?  Are they "married," Mr. President? 

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Quote of the day: Discussion > Is my friend untrustworthy?

"Thank you for posting this, Peyam ! Fundamentalist Christians can prove any point of view they want to, no matter how glaringly at variance with spiritual principles, through their narrow (literal) reading of the Bible. The same is being done by the majority of Baha'is, who condemn as "spiritually sick" and "immoral" a significant portion of the diverse human family based on guidance given in a time and social condition where for the Guardian or his secretaries to have said otherwise would have been unacceptably inflammatory and well outside mainstream thought in psychological and even scientific circles. My work is in the gay community, and I am a proud member of that community. I know in my heart that as long as the Baha'i community continues to exclude, marginalize and actively discriminate against ("oppress" might be a better word) the vibrant and spiritually alive gay community, they are dashing into a thousand pieces the spiritual principles which are the pillars of the Kingdom of God. By their own hands, they rip apart the fabric of World Order."

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Ralph Goneau, 79, & Richard Wilhelm, 87, Waited 41 Years To Say "I Do"

Via JMG: On The 4 Year Old Killed For "Acting Gay"

Joe says, "More details have emerged about the horrific killings that I reported on several weeks ago."

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