Saturday, October 1, 2011

President Obama Addresses the 15th Annual HRC National Dinner

Via AmericaBlogGay: DOD memos: Marriages can happen on ANY base

The Washington Post and a few other media outlets got the story wrong. The marriages are not only allowed on bases in states that permit gay marriage, contrary to what the Post reported. The marriages are permitted on any base anywhere, provided that state law doesn't prohibit the marriages taking place on a base, and no state law prohibits that anyway.  State law simply says, in some states, that the state won't recognize a gay marriage - they do not prohibit men and women of the cloth from conducting such marriages, and don't prohibit them from happening on a military base.  So, yes, these can happen at any base in the country.  This is good. 

Christianity and Marriage

If Christianity shouldn't be a basis to argue against interracial marriage, then why should Christianity be a basis to argue against same-sex marriage?