Saturday, October 15, 2011

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Lawrence O'Donnell - The WE DO Campaign

Via Tricycle Daily Dharma: Avoiding Disappointments

 October 15, 2011

Avoiding Disappointments

How do we avoid misguided faith? We practice awareness and non-attachment. Seeing attachment, aversion, expectation, and disappointment as they arise allows the mind to understand and to disengage from them. Awareness breaks the spell; the mind is no longer enchanted when we see the defilement for what it is. When a defilement has no hold on the mind, suffering ceases. Awareness can simply wait and observe the next present moment as it arises. These moments gradually refine faith, and skillful wisdom increasingly arises in daily life.
– Steve Armstrong, "Got Attitude?"
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Via AmericaBlogGay: Another teacher caught ranting on Facebook about the gays

I just don't know how you can continue to teach kids when you've publicly stated your disdain for an entire class of those kids. And there this

John Paragano, a lawyer and former member of the Union Township Committee, said he had been offended by Ms. Knox’s comments, and questioned her ability to enforce the state’s tough new anti-bullying law. 

“Teachers are at the forefront of that, enforcing that,” Mr. Paragano said. “My concern is that if this teacher has these feelings, is she going to call out the bullying of a gay, lesbian and transgender person?”
Are teachers permitted to be racists and anti-Semites? How about a klansman, can he be a teacher during the day and wear his white hood at night? I find it hard to believe that someone like that would stay for long as a school teacher, First Amendment or not.