Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pray Gay Away Guy Quits & Admits He's Still Gay

Via JMG: New App Tracks Gay Scandals

Product description:
Instant alerts when homophobic lawmakers get caught in gay sex scandals! iScandal tracks hypocrisy among anti-gay lawmakers. Functioning like the "It's been XX days since our last accident" signs you see in factories, whenever a new scandal breaks, iScandal sends a push notification and the option to spread the word. Though lighthearted and fun, iScandal serves a meaningful purpose in highlighting the hypocrisy endemic in the anti-gay movement. iScandal makes no claims other that what has already been reported in the mainstream news but may have been missed by some people.
Now available for iPhones and Androids. Cost: 99 cents.

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Via JMG: Convicted Felon Chuck Colson: Make Sure Kids Know God Hates Gay Marriage

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Via JMG: NEW JERSEY: Gov. Chris Christie Denounces Anti-Gay Teacher Vicki Knox

Speaking on a local radio show, today NJ Gov. Chris Christie denounced public school teacher Vicki Knox, who last week posted an anti-gay tirade to her Facebook page.
“I think that kind of example is not a positive one at all to be setting for folks who have such an important and influential position in our society. I'm really concerned about those kinds of statements being made.” Christie went on to say he would “like to see an examination of how that teacher conducts herself in the classroom.”
The Human Rights Campaign approves.
“We applaud Governor Christie for doing the right thing and speaking out against the anti-LGBT vitriol this teacher chose to bring into the classroom,” said HRC President Joe Solmonese. “Governor Christie’s denouncement sends a very strong message that intentionally and publicly spreading malicious rhetoric and falsehoods about LGBT Americans is unacceptable and cannot go ignored. Now, Union Township school officials must take action that adequately addresses the severity of Ms. Knox’s behavior.”

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Via JMG: HRC Launches National Marriage Campaign

The Human Rights Campaign has launched a national edition of the marriage equality campaign that was so well-received in New York. First up is Newark Mayor Cory Booker.

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Via Tricycle Daily Dharma: Spiritual Bypassing


October 19, 2011

Spiritual Bypassing

Many of us originally turn to the dharma at least in part as a way of trying to overcome the pain of our psychological and relational wounding. Yet we are often in denial about or unconscious of the nature or extent of this wounding. As a result, being a “good” spiritual practitioner can become a compensatory identity that covers up and defends against an underlying deficient identity, where we feel bad about ourselves, not good enough, or basically lacking. Then, although we may be practicing diligently, our spiritual practice can be used in the service of denial and defense. And when spiritual practice is used to bypass our real-life human issues, it becomes compartmentalized in a separate zone of our life that remains unintegrated with our overall functioning.
– John Welwood, "Human Nature, Buddha Nature"
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