Friday, October 21, 2011

Via JMG: Perkins: Cain Is Right On Gay "Choice"

And this is the same Tony Perkins who on July 27th of this year said: "Same-sex attraction is not a choice." Somebody's losing track of their own bullshit.

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Via Tricycle Daily Dharma:

 October 21, 2011

Right Interest

Right effort is effort with wisdom. Because where there is wisdom, there is interest. The desire to know something is wisdom at work. Being mindful is not difficult. But it’s difficult to be continuously aware. For that you need right effort. But it does not require a great deal of energy. It’s relaxed perseverance in reminding yourself to be aware. When you are aware, wisdom unfolds naturally, and there is still more interest.
– Sayadaw U Tejaniya, "The Wise Investigator"
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Via Ameicabloggay: So does Herman Cain want to do guys but he simply "chooses" women instead?

Now we know what kind of pizza Herman Cain likes.

I'm always fascinated by people who think being gay is a choice. It says to me that for them, being straight is a choice. Meaning, they're bisexual - they like both, and therefore of course they think it's a "choice" to be gay, because for them it was a "choice" to be straight (i.e., a choice to have sex with women instead of acting on their desires to have sex with men). 

I think Herman Cain just shared a bit more than he bargained for. Piers Morgan on CNN via Politico:

Morgan: You're a commonsense guy..You genuinely believe that millions of Americans wake up in their late teens normally and go, you know what, i kind of fancy being a homosexual? You don't believe that, do you?
Cain: Piers, you haven't given me any evidence to believe otherwise.

Morgan: My gut instinct, Herman, tells me that it has to be a natural thing.

Cain: So it's your gut instinct versus my gut instincts. I respect their right to make that choice. You don't see me bashing them. I respect them to have the right to make that choice. I don't have to agree with it. That's all I'm saying

Morgan: It would be like a gay person saying, Herman, you made a choice to be black.

Cain: You know that's not the case. You know I was born black.

Morgan: Maybe if they say that, they would find that offensive.

Cain: Piers, Piers. This doesn't wash off. I hate to burst your bubble.

Morgan: I don't think being homosexual washes off.
Neither does being a bigot.