Sunday, October 23, 2011

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Religion is Pants

Via JMG: Cain: I Support Federal Marriage Ban

Tea Party favorite Herman Cain says he's changed his mind and now supports a federal amendment banning same-sex marriage.
“I think marriage should be protected at the federal level also. I used to believe that it could be just handled by the states but there’s a movement going on to basically take the teeth out of the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act and that could cause an unraveling, so we do need some protection at the federal level because of that and so yes I would support legislation that would say that it’s between a man and a woman.”
Even Cain's endorsers at GOProud are unhappy.
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Via JMG: Help! We're Being Oppressed!

JMG Quote Of The Day

"Child welfare? What child will be better off if there are fewer competent agencies recruiting loving homes for children? This is meanness, pure and simple, animated by an irrational hatred towards our great religious faith traditions. It is the result of the core ideas now driving the movement to redefine marriage: gay is like black, which makes our great traditional faith communities the moral and legal equivalent of racists. Surely America can do better than that. Religious liberty is not an affront to anyone's civil rights, it is one of our Constitution's core guarantees and our community's deeply shared values." - Former NOM chaircow Maggie Gallagher, writing on the website for the Manhattan Declaration.

NOTE: The Manhattan Declaration is a 2009 document that calls on all Christians to disobey any law granting rights to LGBT Americans.

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Via Tricycle Daily Dharma: Beyond Positive and Negative

Tricycle Daily Dharma October 23, 2011

Beyond Positive and Negative

Entering the awakened state of mind, even for a moment, is always preceded by an experience, however fleeting, of extreme contrast and conflict. Even on the highest and most subtle levels of attainment, negative and positive continue together side by side, until one makes the leap beyond them both.
– Francesca Freemantle, "The Luminous Gap in Bardo"
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