Wednesday, October 26, 2011

RMR: Rick's Rant - Teen Suicide

Via JMG: Missouri Public School Teacher: We Need More Gay Kids To Kill Themselves

Yet another teacher is in trouble for posting viciously anti-gay comments to Facebook. The school board is investigating, but Family Research Council head Tony Perkins says this is just another witchhunt by intolerant radical homofascists. First Amendment! More dead gay kids! Praise! Glory!
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ViaJMG: Ten Years Of Changing Attitudes

Think Progress has more charts from Pew Research.

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Pema Chodron "Tong lin Meditation"

Pema Chodron "Troublemakers"

Via Tricycle Daily Dharma:


October 26, 2011

Speaking all day long

Only the noble ones who enter the refined attainment of cessation, where feeling and perception stop, are able to stop speaking. Aside from them, everyone’s speaking all day and all night long. And especially those who vow not to speak: They talk more than anyone else, it’s simply that they don’t make a sound that others can hear.
– Phra Ajaan Dune Atulo, "If You Don’t Have Anything Nice to Say"
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Via AmericaBlog Gay: Far right GOP prez hopeful Michele Bachmann has a gay stepsister

People also talked to Michele Bachmann's gay stepsister, Helen LaFave, who Bachmann said she loved. LaFave said, "Yes, we are family and love each other, but she seems to have a disconnect. Her statements and actions related to gay rights are very hurtful, whether she understands that or not." Their once-close relationship reportedly strained over Bachmann's anti-gay activism.
Good for her stepsister, but how does Bachmann think she really has a chance?  Maybe she's itching for VP, even though she's as nutty a pic as was Sarah Palin.