Monday, November 21, 2011

Via JMG: 21 Years In Prison For Brandon McInerney

Teenage murderer Brandon McInerny has been sentenced to 21 years in prison in a plea agreement for the shooting of openly gay classmate Larry King.
Brandon McInerney, who was 14 when he pulled a gun out of his backpack and shot Larry King twice in the head in 2008, has already served nearly four years in jail and would be released by the time he is 38, under terms of the deal. "Larry had a complicated life, but he did not deserve to be murdered," the youth's father,Greg King, said after a court hearing Monday afternoon. McInerney’s first trial ended with jurors split between convicting him of voluntary manslaughter and first-degree murder. Several of the jurors have since spoken in favor of a plea bargain, in order to avoid a second trial. Prosecutors, in initially deciding to try McInerney a second time, had already dropped a key allegation that the shooting was motivated by a hatred of homosexuals, an accusation that several jurors in the original trial said they did not believe.

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Via JMG: SPAIN: Anti-Gay Party Wins Control Of Parliament, Gay Marriage Imperiled

Led by anti-gay asshat Mariano Rajoy, Spain's deeply conservative Popular Party scored a landslide victory in yesterday's national elections. Rajoy has vowed to repeal same-sex marriage rights once he's in power.
The Socialist Party, which has governed Spain since 2004, has admitted defeat. Mr Rajoy, who is expected to tackle the country's debts amid slow growth and high unemployment, said he was aware of the "magnitude of the task ahead". He told supporters there would be "no miracle" to restore Spain to financial health, and that the country must unite to win back respect in Europe. "Forty-six million Spaniards are going to wage a battle against the crisis," said the 56-year-old PP leader. The PP won about 44% of the votes and the Socialists 29% in Sunday's election, according to near-complete official results. The PP is expected to take about 186 of the 350 seats in the lower house. As the results were announced, jubilant, flag-waving supporters danced outside party headquarters in central Madrid.
Analysts say the Socialists primarily lost power due to discontent over the continuing debt crisis and not because of "morality issues" promoted by the Popular Party.

MAP KEY: Blue is Popular Party, red is Socialist, yellow/green are regional parties.

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