Sunday, January 8, 2012

Via Norman Lorenz / Facebook:

Mr. Santorum:

As a gay father of two children, a son, 14 in a public middle school, and a daughter, a senior at a local all girls Catholic school, I am sure my children would step up front to share their real story of love and acceptance with you. As a partner with my husband who married in CA in 2008, we celebrate 30 years together in 2012. We have run a business, paid our taxes, participated in neighborhood and community events, contributed to the economy, and are liked by many and loved by our family.

As a potential president, before you slight one race, ethnicity and/or orientation, I would suggest that you ask your supporters to inform you that we are all God's children. I am offended that you would take such risk with our nations children suggesting that they be raised by incarcarated individuals versus a loving and nurturing family. We happened to have saved our children from drug infested households and acoholic biological parents. And as a nation, we wonder why our social, judicual, and health services, not to mention our education system are strained to meet these needs? As a college professor of early education, much of our social service is strapped because young children are being brought up in environments that are substandard and neglected. You wonder why children are failing to get to school let along failing throughout their growth planes to adulthood, thus the cycle repeats itself. They are unprepared.

If this is truly your value for how young children should be raised, I can only hope that my fellow patrons of your political party do NOT elect you President. How disrespectful. As a gay man, proud to be a parent, proud that our family courts in CA could see the capacity of our family to raise these children, I have to say, that as our 14 year old heads off to private catholic high school, and our daughter enters the CSU system in the fall 2012, I am encouraged that fortunately the current administration holds our best interests at the center of this nation, one for all and all for one. I invite you to expand your horizons. You are certainly welcome to come and visit our household in CA to see and experience the difference. Good luck in your campaign.

Sincerely, a supporter of President Obama

Norman Lorenz, M.Ed.,
Professor of Education
Sacramento City College,
Sacramento, CA

Rick Santorum focuses on gay marriage

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