Saturday, February 18, 2012

Via JMG: Anti-Gay Candidates: UNITE


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Tricycle Daily Dharma February 18, 2012

Fear is not the Enemy

There are many ways to meditate on fear. One is to wait until it appears adventitiously. Another is to invite it in—when we send out invitations we can be a little better prepared for who shows up at the party. Perhaps for both methods of approach the first thing to bear in mind is that fear is not the enemy—it is nature’s protector; it only becomes troublesome when it oversteps its bounds. In order to deal with fear we must take a fundamentally noncontentious attitude toward it, so it’s not held as a problem, but as a visitor. Once we take this attitude, we can begin to work with fear.

Via AmericaBlog Gay: New Jersey GOP governor vetoes same-sex marriage bill

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