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Elderly Pedophile Enabler Commands
U.S. Clergy To Oppress LGBT People

Emperor Palpatine hates the eeeevillle of gay marriage.
Pope Benedict XVI on Friday condemned gay marriage in a speech to bishops from the United States after Maryland last week became the eighth US state to legalise same-sex unions. "Sexual differences cannot be dismissed as irrelevant to the definition of marriage," the pope said, warning against "the powerful political and cultural currents seeking to alter the legal definition of marriage". "Marriage and the family are institutions that must be promoted and defended from every possible misrepresentation of their true nature." He also said bishops could not overlook "the serious pastoral problem presented by the widespread practice of cohabitation". "The contemporary crisis of marriage and the family... has led to grave societal problems bearing an immense human and economic cost"
Following his speech, Pope Benedict returned to his private chamber where he rolled naked with altar boys on piles of jewels and gold.
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2 from Gay Politics Report:

  • How many out members of Congress after November?
    The number of openly LGBT members of Congress could shrink to just one or grow to at least seven after the 2012 elections, according to this analysis. The Victory Fund has so far endorsed four non-incumbent candidates for House seats, in addition to openly gay incumbents Rep. Jared Polis, D-Colo., and Rep. David Cicilline, D-R.I. The group also is backing Rep. Tammy Baldwin, D-Wis., in her race for the U.S. Senate. National Journal (3/8) LinkedInFacebookTwitterEmail this Story
  • Gay GOP House candidate wants party to embrace equality: Richard Tisei, the former Massachusetts Senate minority leader, is running for Congress on the same issue as many other GOP challengers this election cycle -- the economy. The former state lawmaker, credited by some with helping to secure marriage equality in his state, says he isn't hearing much about marriage in his district anymore, and that he hopes the lesson for fellow Republicans is that their party should return to what he says is its roots. "The party was founded based on the notion that everybody should be treated equally under the law. ... As conservatives, that’s what we should be promoting," Tisei said. Edge Publications (3/9) LinkedInFacebookTwitterEmail this Story

Via Gay Politics Report:

  • Homeless LGBT youths are victims of culture wars, budget cuts
  • LGBT youth make up between 20% and 40% of all homeless young people, but recent budget cuts in places such as New York have left many from this demographic to fend for themselves, according to this article. Nonprofit groups that focus on the problem are often unable to serve the growing numbers of young people who need shelter, health care and counseling. A White House-sponsored conference on homelessness among LGBT youth is set to take place Friday in Detroit. Google/The Associated Press (3/8) LinkedInFacebookTwitterEmail this Story

Baha'i forums proposal: DOs and DON'Ts

Baha'i forums proposal: DOs and DON'Ts
1. DO post links to articles about harmful consequences of prejudice against gays.
2. DO quote what the House of Justice says against discrimination, in relation to homosexuality.
3. DO insist that there is no difference in healthfulness and morality between same-sex feelings, impulses and interactions; and intersexual ones.
4. DO post friendly responses to any parts of people's posts that do *not* depreciate gays.
5. DO put a spotlight on improvised generalizations about gays (see note 1), and keep the spotlight there, relentlessly.

Repeat step 4, any time you see something in a post that does *not* depreciate gays. Repeat step 5, any time you see new improvised generalizations (See note 1). If the improvised generalizations subside, repeat steps 1 to 3.

- DON'T let anyone or anything distract you from the DOs, no matter how viciously anyone insults you or anyone else. Add every improvised generalization to the list for step 4 above, and ignore everything else. Keep the spotlight on the improvised generalizations.
- DON'T respond to quotes from Shoghi Effendi or the House of Justice. Do not touch them. Do not mention them. Do not even think about them. You've already memorized them. Keep the spotlight on the improvised generalizations.
- DON'T respond to any statements of the form "homosexuality is ...," no matter how insulting they are. Do not touch them. Do not mention them. Do not even think about them. Keep the spotlight on the improvised generalizations.
- DON'T discuss homosexuality or orientation at all. Stay away from those discussions. Do not touch them. Do not mention them. Do not even think about them. Keep the spotlight on the improvised generalizations.
- DON'T say anything about homophobia. Stay away from those discussions. Do not touch them. Do not mention them. Do not even think about them. Keep the spotlight on the improvised generalizations.
- DON'T say anything about marriage. Stay away from those discussions. Do not touch them. Do not mention them. Do not even think about them. Keep the spotlight on the improvised generalizations.
- DON'T say anything about science. Stay away from those discussions. Do not touch them. Do not mention them. Do not even think about them. Keep the spotlight on the improvised generalizations.
- DON'T say anything about the suffering of gays, *after* the discussions have started. Use it *only* as a conversation starter, *not* as an argument. Keep the spotlight on the improvised generalizations.
- DON'T say anything about anyone's character and motives. Do not even think about them. Keep the spotlight on the improvised generalizations.


1. Improvised generalizations about gays.

There are *no* generalizations about *gays*, in letters from Shoghi Effendi and the House of Justice, but there are some statements that are commonly interpreted as such. Ignore those. Don't mention them. Don't even think about them. The improvised generalizations to look for are statements or insinuations about the character and motives of gay Baha'is, which are *not* exact quotes, and *not* statements about homosexuality. Also include irrelevant quotes about wickedness and evildoers, injected into discussions about gay issues.

Some examples of improvised generalizations I've seen, about gay Baha'is:
- "They are letting their obsession with sex blind them to the truth."
- "They are letting their obsession with sex come between them and God."
- "They are putting their own desires above the laws of God."
- "They are twisting the writings to conform to their wishes."
- "They are disgarding Baha'i writings."
- "They are intentionally transgressing the laws."
- "They are rebelling against God."
- "They are more spiritually or morally deficient than the rest of us."
- "They are pushing a personal agenda."
- "They are directed towards a path of ego."
- "They are violating the Covenant."
- "They expect Baha'i law to accomodate their personal predicament."
- "They want to change the law of God to their favor."
- "They are playing dirty tricks to stick it to the Baha'i Faith."
- "Their arguments are an obvious ploy to distort the plain meaning of Scripture."
- "They are attacking the principles of the Baha'i Faith."
- "They are challenging the laws of Baha'u'llah."
- "They are cruel wrong-doers, crafty and mischievous, foolish and ignoble."
- "They don't know good from evil, right from wrong, or justice from injustice
- "They follow their own desires."
- "They walk in the footsteps of the most imperfect and foolish amongst them."


Via JMG: Catholic Diocese Defunds Homeless Shelter Because New Director Supports Marriage

In the Catholic Church's national campaign to make themselves ever more repulsive to the average American, the Diocese of Sacramento has cut off their funding of a local homeless shelter because its new director supports marriage equality.
In a letter last month, the diocese's director of social services said the Rev. Faith Whitmore's public statements on the issues clash with the teachings of the Catholic Church. Therefore, said the Rev. Michael Kiernan, the social services director, it is "impossible for the diocese to continue funding Francis House" as part of its annual Catholic Appeal. Each morning, dozens of poor people line up at Francis House, located in Sacramento's homeless services epicenter, for help with basic services such as housing and transportation. Now in its 42nd year, the organization is one of the largest homeless services agencies in the Sacramento region, serving upward of 25,000 people. It has an an annual budget of about $500,000.
The Catholic Church would rather see you homeless and starving to death than disobedient to their dogma. That can't be any more fucking apparent, can it? What will they do next to turn our stomachs? A puppy kicking contest?

Donate to Francis House.

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Via JMG: AP Tackles Homeless Gay Kids

In a news story titled "Homeless youth: the next battle for gay equality," the Associated Press today examines the burgeoning epidemic of LGBT kids ejected from their homes by their own families.
Iro Uikka clutches his throat as he describes the violent clash that led to spending his nights sleeping in New York City subway cars. "When I told my mother I was gay, she grabbed me by the neck and threw me out," he says. "Then she threw my coat on top of me and shut the door." That was five years ago when he was 18, still living at home in Florida. Uikka is among tens of thousands of homeless youths across America who are LGBT — lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. Most are on the streets because they have nowhere else to go — outcasts who leave home after being rejected by family members or flee shelters because residents bully or beat them. LGBT young people represent a dramatically high proportion of an estimated 600,000 or more homeless youths across the country — between 20 percent and 40 percent, according to the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Policy Institute.
Many times I've heard Carl Siciliano tell audiences that these kids are often the paradoxical victims of advances in gay rights. Emboldened by a widening acceptance in society, gay kids are sometimes now coming out at ages too young to fend for themselves when their parent don't accept the news. In the above-linked article, Siciliano says, "These kids are the collateral damage of our cultural wars."

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Prop 8 Unconstitutional: The Highlight Reel

Via JMG: The Newly Official Faces Of Hate

Among the ten groups added today to the Southern Poverty Law Center's list of 27 anti-gay hate groups are three names that are very familiar to us here on JMG. Eugene Delgaudio (Public Advocate), Randy Thomasson (Save California), and Linda Harvey (Mission America). We can only hope that our relentless coverage of these evil, horrible people had some tiny role in their elevation to the most ignominious list in American culture. Congratulations you three pigs, you're now in the history books alongside the Ku Klux Klan.

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Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams – Sitting Pretty CBS News Sunday Morning

JMG Reader Reaches Out To Signers Of Washington State's Referendum 71

JMG reader Paul Thomasson writes to tip us to a project he's embarked upon in which he is using the just-released list of names on an anti-gay petition to write and ask for a reconsidered attitude in Washington state's upcoming ballot battle on marriage. Hit the link to read Paul's full email and to see the more than 50 responses he's gotten so far.

Yesterday Seattle's KOMO learned of Paul's campaign. Travis Mayfield reports:
Those who fought the effort to keep the R-71 signatures secret argued that not doing so would lead to harassment and intimidation of the signers. And some who have replied to Thomasson may believe that’s what he’s doing. “sick . dont send me email,” reads one reply. Supporters of gay rights argued they only wanted to see the names to have personal conversations with opponents to try to respectfully change minds. Clearly some of those contacted by Thomasson believe his efforts are sincere. “Thank you for your letter and for sharing something so personal with me. I value your communication and the love you have found,” wrote a woman identified as Alanna. With 1,600 emails sent, Thomasson is just getting started working his way through the list of 121,757 names. "I intend to continue this effort until I have transcribed and emailed all of the legible email addresses.”

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Via Tricycle Daily Dharma:

Tricycle Daily Dharma March 9, 2012

Setting a Steady Course

To question is unbelievably powerful. But if you question all the time and you remain in doubt, going first this way and then that, conviction is absent. If you develop a line of inquiry and learn from your experience, conviction grows. Then you put that conviction into practice but remain open to new information and experience. You set a steady course and remain willing to grow and learn. That is powerful.
- Segyu Rinpoche, "Buddhist Training for Modern Life"
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