Sunday, March 11, 2012

Via JMG: CALIFORNIA: Bid To Repeal Gay-Friendly Education Bill Launches Petition Drive

Gary Thomasson, of the newly certified hate group Save California, says children are already being brainwashed and SB48 hasn't even been implemented yet.
"In an apparent attempt to keep children enrolled for the purpose of sexual indoctrination and average daily attendance funding, the California Department of Education is deceiving parents about the mandate of SB 48, which requires, through supplement instructional materials right now, and new textbooks in three years, that children admire ‘lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans.'"
The petition deadline is July 11th.

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Via JMG: Cracked Vs The AFA

An excerpt:
The American Family Association aren't just a recognized hate group, they're cartoon villains that escaped into the real world. They're driven by hate, choose actual comics characters as their enemies and still fail humiliatingly and publicly. They think of themselves as righteous crusaders, because they're exactly the sort of assholes who still use the word "crusade," but they're really Gargamel from the Smurfs: fighting ridiculously soft fictional targets just because they're the same gender and happy together, and still managing to lose.
Go read the entire thing.

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Via Tricycle Daily Dharma:

Tricycle Daily Dharma March 11, 2012

Continuous Mind, Continuous Love

If we believe that mind is continuous, our love for others becomes continuous. If we recognize this continuity, we do not trust temporary, tangible circumstances or take them too seriously.
- Thinley Norbu Rinpoche, "Continuous Mind"
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