Monday, March 12, 2012

Via JMG: SPLC Issues Report On NARTH

The Southern Poverty Law Center has issued an in-depth examination of the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH), which the SPLC calls "the main source for anti-gay junk science." An excerpt:
The LGBT community is overwhelmingly the group most targeted in violent hate crimes, according to an Intelligence Report analysis of 14 years of federal hate crime data. Gay men, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people are more than twice as likely to be attacked in a violent hate crime as Jews or blacks; more than four times as likely as Muslims; and 14 times as likely as Latinos. Despite this hate-inspired violence, anti-gay groups continue to employ virulent rhetoric that demonizes gay men and lesbians, some of it based on NARTH’s research.

This strategy of using science, however flawed, to fortify their religious condemnation of homosexuality was articulated five years ago by the Family Research Institute’s Paul Cameron, a psychologist whose research has been thoroughly discredited by mainstream scientists. “We can no longer rely — as almost all pro-family organizations do today — on gleaning scientific ‘bits’ from those in liberal academia. ... [W]e must subvert the academy by doing original, honest research ourselves,” Cameron wrote. Original, maybe. But honest? NARTH’s many critics argue otherwise.
Please take the time to read the full report.

RELATED: NARTH was cofounded by Charles Socarides, the father of gay activist Richard Socarides, the former White House adviser for Bill Clinton.

ALSO RELATED: You might enjoy my slideshow of our protest at the 2010 convention: Douchebags Of NARTH.

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Via JMG: FLORIDA: Public School Teacher Fired Over Gay Porn Career Gets Reinstated

The state of Florida has ruled that public school teacher Shawn Loftis was wrongly fired last year after his second career as a porn actor was exposed.
Loftis — who starred in gay porn films under the name Collin O'Neil — was teaching at Nautilus Middle School when the principal learned of his past, according to WPLG 10 News. The district suspended the substitute in January 2011, then his teacher’s certification was revoked in April, despite the fact that he’d left his porn career behind. The commission said his past pursuits were not illegal and the school did not have the authority to dismiss him on that basis. Loftis also argued that he hoped to use his role as a teacher to help guide students away from making the choices he had made.
Loftis is also one of CNN's most popular citizen journalists via their iReports feature. (Tipped by JMG reader Al.)

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Via JMG: MARYLAND: Catholic Priest Suspended After Refusing Communion To Lesbian

The Catholic priest who refused communion to a lesbian at her mother's funeral has been suspended by the his diocese. But according to a spokesperson, the suspension is not directly related to the communion controversy.
Specific details about why the Rev. Marcel Guarnizo was barred from ministry – a severe penalty – were not immediately available. The Post learned of the action from a letter dated March 9 that is written to other archdiocesan priests. The letter from Bishop Barry Knestout, a top administrator in the archdiocese, which covers Washington and the Maryland suburbs, says the punishment was for “engaging in intimidating behavior toward parish staff and others that is incompatible with proper priestly ministry.” The archdiocese on Sunday confirmed Guarnizo's removal, and noted that Knestout's letter was read at all Masses this weekend at St. John Neumann.
Barbara Johnson claims that when she approached the altar, Rev. Guarnizo covered the bread and said, "Because you live with a woman, and in the eyes of the church, that is a sin." The Archdiocese has issued Johnson an apology.

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Via JMG: PA House Committee To Vote On Banning Civil Unions And Same-Sex Marriage

Equality Pennsylvania sends us this alert.
A vote on House Bill (HB) 1434 is scheduled for TUESDAY, MARCH 13 in the House State Government Committee. Now is the time to let your voice be heard. HB 1434, proposed by Rep. Daryl Metcalfe, would not only amend the Pennsylvania Constitution to define marriage as a legal union between one man and one woman, it would invalidate any other type of legal union or one substantially equivalent. That means any discussion of civil unions or domestic partnerships would forever be off the table for consideration. Passage of this legislation will also forcefully terminate benefits currently provided to thousands of employees in municipalities or state owned schools or facilities that offer domestic partnership benefits.
Pennsylvania residents: Contact your representatives. If you are free tomorrow morning:
Tuesday, March 13 9:00 am. Room G-50, Irvis Office Building (NEXT TO THE CAPITOL BUILDING) (Meet in the Capitol Rotunda at 8:30am.) Please be respectful. However, please come prepared to pack the room. Signs are welcome.

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Via Tricycle Daily Dharma:

Tricycle Daily Dharma March 12, 2012

Where Will You Find Buddha?

Trying to find a Buddha or enlightenment is like trying to grab space. Space has a name but no form. It's not something you can pick up or put down. And you certainly can't grab it. Beyond this mind you'll never see a Buddha. The Buddha is a product of your mind. Why look for a Buddha beyond this mind?
- Bodhidharma, "The Snaggletoothed Barbarian"
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