Wednesday, April 25, 2012

JMG HomoQuotable - Barney Frank

"I don’t need the president’s permission to get married. He’s doing a great thing against DOMA. I think you make a great mistake by focusing only on negative things, I think that’s a mistake politically. I think we ought to be celebrating the gains as well as pushing further. [snip] The president did an enormous thing for us when he not only said that DOMA was unconstitutional, but said that any gay and lesbian issues had to be decided with that higher standard. I’m very happy with that. I’m not going to criticize him for not going further on that." - Barney Frank, speaking to the Washington Blade.

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Tricycle Daily Dharma April 25, 2012

Eliminating Suffering

The practice is to make the non-arising of grasping and clinging absolute, final, and eternally void, so that no grasping and clinging can ever return. Just that is enough. There is nothing else to do.
- Buddhadasa Bhikkhu, "A Single Handful"
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