Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Via GayFamilyValues:

'Sean' posted LGBT project wiki profile on the Baha'i Faith:

Sean says: LGBT project wiki profile on the Baha'i Faith is a bit biased just like the wikipedia page on homosexuality and the Baha'i Faith. What concerns me is that the sources on both sites are dated, and highly sanitized for "public consumption". At the very least the LGBT project wiki profile needs a more balanced approach on homosexuality in the Baha'i Faith. I added a few website links (this site included). Hopefully we can all brainstorm on how we can edit the content. What can we include? , what sources? (


Via Tricycle Daily Dharma:

Tricycle Daily Dharma July 18, 2012

Against the Stream

The unflinching light of mindful awareness reveals the extent to which we are tossed along in the stream of past conditioning and habit. The moment we decide to stop and look at what is going on (like a swimmer suddenly changing course to swim upstream instead of downstream), we find ourselves battered by powerful currents we had never even suspected—precisely because until that moment we were largely living at their command.
- Stephen Batchelor, "Foundations of Mindfulness"
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