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Does the shooting at the Family Research Council exonerate the group's 20 years of hate?

The information is still coming in, but someone apparently started shooting in the lobby of the religious right hate group Family Research council in Washington, DC today. A security guard was unfortunately wounded.Conservatives, such as CNN's Erick Erickson, are already trying to tie...

Via JMG: Anonymous Hacks Ugandan Government: Your Treatment Of Gays Is Disgusting

Two websites of the Ugandan government were hacked yesterday by Anonymous. One of the messages read:
“Today’s hack and deface of the Ugandan Prime Minister’s site was the latest in a long list of actions against the government and infrastructure of Uganda for crimes against LGBT people. “We will not stand by while LGBT Ugandans are victimized, abused and murdered by a ruthless and corrupt government. #TheEliteSociety and #Anonymous will continue to target Ugandan government sites and communications until the government of Uganda treats all people including LGBT [people] equally, with respect and dignity and immediately ends the arrest and harassment of LGBT [people]. “The government of Uganda will not stop us or LGBT people from standing up to their hatred and fighting against their abuses . . . Equal treatment for ALL people, or you can expect us again."
A message on the website of Uganda's prime minister read in part: "Your violations of the rights of LGBT people have disgusted us."

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"One Term More!"

Via JMG: Lesbian Mom Of Kidnapped Daughter Files Organized Crime Suit Against Multiple Christian Organizations

On the same day that a preacher was found guilty of abetting the kidnapping of her daughter to Nicaragua, Janet Jenkins filed a RICO lawsuit against many of the parties suspected of conspiring in the crime, including Liberty University, the parent of the vile anti-gay hate group Liberty Counsel, whose president Mat Staver is specifically named in the suit.


The RICO Act (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) provides for civil lawsuits against ongoing criminal enterprises involving multiple parties. Right Wing Wing excerpts the suit:
Unbeknownst to Plaintiff Janet Jenkins, in 2009 Victoria Zodhiates (now Hyden) was an employee of Response Unlimited, Inc., and also a "student worker" at Liberty University School of Law. On information and belief, Victoria Zodhiates sent an email during this time period to her co-workers at the law school requesting donations for supplies to send to Lisa Miller to enable her to remain outside the country. Lisa Miller's attorney, Matthew Staver was the Dean of the Law School and Ms. Zodhiates's boss. Matthew Staver and Philip Zodhiates were also personal acquaintances at this time. On September 20, 2009, both Philip Zodhiates and Victoria Hyden called Lisa Miller's father, Terry Miller in Tennessee to assist in arranging her and Isabella's transportation from a Walmart parking lot in Lynchburg, Virginia, to Waynesboro, Virginia, from whence they would depart for Canada and Nicaragua the next day.
We will follow this suit VERY closely as it proceeds! Now let's see if the feds file some actual criminal charges for all parties. Liberty Counsel spokesdouche Matt Barber is spinning the lawsuit as an honor.

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Daily Buddhist Wisdom

Whether you believe in God or not does not matter so much, whether you believe in Buddha or not does not matter so much. You must lead a good life.
- His Holiness the Dalai Lama

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Tricycle Daily Dharma August 15, 2012

Three Helpful Phrases

'No matter what comes up, we can learn new ways of being with it.' 'We have a capacity to meet any thought or emotion with mindfulness and balance.' 'Whatever disagreeable emotion is coursing through us, we can let it go.' Rereading those words may keep you going when sitting down to practice is the last thing you want to do.
- Sharon Salzberg, "Sticking with It"
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