Sunday, September 2, 2012

How Gay Marriage Could End Humanity

Via Keith Olbermann Fan Page / FB:

Tricycle Daily Dharma September 2, 2012

Fundamental Well-Being

We need to see the primordial potential in all of our experiences in the same way a doctor sees the health and well-being in his patients. If a patient didn’t possess a fundamental well-being, what would be the point of prescribing such antidotes as medicines, exercise, or new diets?
- Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche, "Free Expression"
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Via JMG: BRAZIL: Gay Man Wins Paternity Leave

For the first time ever, a Brazilian court has granted paternity leave to a gay man who just adopted a child with his partner.
Normally Brazilian fathers are only given five days off work after becoming parents, while mothers receive four months off, but a Brazilian court found that it was discriminatory for a gay couple to receive less combined parental leave than a heterosexual couple. As a result Lucimar da Silva will become the first Brazilian man to receive the same parental leave as a woman. Brazil’s social security agency has agreed to honor the decision. ‘However unusual it may seem to grant maternity leave to a male person … this hypothesis is possible when the father takes care of the newborn,’ the agency told Brazilian TV network O Globo.
Unfortunately this decision does not set precedent and future applicants will also have to go to court to earn paternity leave.

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JMG Quote Of The Day - Micky Ward

"I can’t support Scott Brown. I just can’t do it. I found out Scott is anti-union and I’m a Teamster guy. I found out he’s also against gay marriage and I say if you love someone you should have the same rights no matter who you are." - Boxing legend Micky Ward, retracting his endorsement of Sen. Scott Brown, who was about to appear at Ward's gym for a photo op. Mark Wahlberg played Ward in the Oscar-winning movie The Fighter.

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