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Anderson Talks About His Summer

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Daily Buddhist Wisdom

It is like the water of the ocean: even without wind there are waves everywhere. Suddenly knowing of the waves all around is the gross within the subtle; letting go of knowledge in the midst of knowing is like the subtle within the subtle. This is the sphere of the enlightened.
- Pai-chang

Via JMG: Houston's Mayor On Log Cabin

"I do think it's important for GLBTs to stay engaged in both parties. But not at that at the price of your self-respect and dignity. And it is great to be a gay Republican and to say, 'My party has left me behind. I can't support it this time until they get on the right track. I support this, this and this issue as a Republican, but until they treat me personally, and my relationships, fairly, I can't support them.' Anything else is, frankly, self-hating." - Openly lesbian Houston Mayor Annise Parker, speaking to Michelangelo Signorile.

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Via JMG: New Edition Of Monopoly Honors Gay Computer Genius Alan Turing

Thanks in part to Google, Alan Turing, widely consider to be the father of computer science and artificial intelligence, has been honored with a special version of Monopoly. Turing, who committed suicide in 1954 after being sentenced to chemical castration for being gay, would have been 100 years this year.
The board's London landmarks, and its Community and Chance cards, have been swapped for places and events important in Turing's life. Players can move their pieces from his birthplace in Maida Vale to Hut 8 at Bletchley Park. Search giant Google has bought 1,000 of the sets and donated them to Bletchley Park to help raise funds. The board of the special edition is based on a hand-drawn variant of Monopoly created by William Newman in 1950. William was the son of scientist Max Newman who was a key figure in Turing's life. The hand-drawn version was thought to have been lost but was rediscovered in 2011 and donated to the Bletchley Park museum soon after.
Bletchley Park Museum writes in a press release:
“Bringing this board to life has been one of the most exciting and unique projects we’ve been involved with here, and we’re thrilled to see it finally available for others to enjoy,” said Iain Standen, CEO of the Bletchley Park Trust. “This edition really completes the fantastic story of the board, from it being played on by Turing (and his losing on it!), to it going missing and then being rediscovered and donated to the museum here. Of course, we’re also very proud that Bletchley Park adorns the ‘Mayfair’ square!” Peter Griffin, Development Director EMEA, Winning Moves, added, “We hope fans of Turing across the globe will enjoy playing on this very special edition of Monopoly. Through play, they will find out more about Turing’s remarkable life and his crucial role shaping the society we enjoy today. As an ex-student of Kings College, where Turing himself studied, this was an honour to help develop.”
Pre-order Alan Turing Monopoly. (Tipped by JMG reader Alan.)

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Via Tricylce: Tuesday: Remembering September 11

Eleven years ago the United States was shook to its core by a terrorist attack of unprecedented scale. At the time, in response to the tragic events, Tricycle released in its next issue a special section—"September 11, Practices and Perspectives"—that shared Buddhist teachings on how to face the nation's acute suffering with patience and compassion. Join us this Tuesday in revisiting the section in remembrance of a tragedy we will never forget. 

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Tricycle Daily Dharma September 10, 2012

No Reason to be Unhappy

Whether we are suffering at present or have suffered in the past, there is no reason to be unhappy. If we can remedy it, then why be unhappy? And if we cannot, there's no use in being unhappy about it—it's just one more thing to be unhappy about, which serves no purpose at all.
- H.H. the Dalai Lama, "Enduring the Fires"
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