Thursday, October 11, 2012

Via JMG: Big Bird Was Created By Gay Lovers

As Mitt Romney's Big Bird comment continues to draw shots from both sides, the Daily Beast's Michael Daly observes the gay history behind one of television's most beloved characters.
[Christopher] Lyall and [Kermit] Love were partners in work and life for half a century and in the 1980s traveled with Big Bird to the White House for the annual Easter egg roll. The most momentous results of that presidential nexus were the grass stains on Big Bird’s outsize feet. Nobody could have imagined that this puppet might someday play even the smallest role in deciding who would occupy the Oval Office. “We’ll see,” Lyall says. The possible political impact of this 8-foot-2 yellow plumed character takes a turn from the ridiculous to the delightfully apt when you consider this: Big Bird was the product of a profound partnership between two men that was in every way a marriage save for in the strictly legal sense that the law until very recently forbade.
I encourage you to read Daly's full story.

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